Going Gonzo – Lost All My Mirth.

Friday, 1st March 2019.


I’ve been flat out since 8am. organising engineers, delivering stuff to site, etc, etc.. Pfft. Does no one know it’s Friday?!

Oh well, 3 more hours and it’s over for a couple of days. And we can all have a nice rest,…or something.


I have adequate supplies for the evening/weekend but what to do with my time? Music? No motivation. Movie? Seen all I wanna see.


Let’s see what I come up with but I guarantee, it’ll be dull.

Saturday, 2nd March 2019.


I watched Bohemian Rhapsody with Louis last week. As you may know. It’s had a profound effect on him.

The amount of 80’s music he is listening to has escalated exponentially. He hasn’t grasped the genius that is Wham! yet, but he is on the cusp.

Yet again, my parenting skills have reach another unrealistic height.

I explained Freddy Mercury’s 3 octave gift, and now he loves to point out small, yet amazing, vocal moments that Freddy achieved.

That sort of shit makes me, literally, cry with pride.

Also, we made a pact.

When I ring Louis or he rings me, this is the ringtone that we have for each other.

It’s a Simon Pegg/Slaughterhouse Rulez reference.


As usual, I’m spending the day with Carter. We have just left The Retreat in disgust. My Bloody Mary was mediocre. Carter’s mango vodka was mango-ey and the chips were a waste of time. I expect more for 16 quid really!

Due to this, I’ve convinced Carter to take us to Chersey. My intention is to buy “bloody mary” supplies.


It was a partial success. I forgot ice. Carter’s washing machine was busy. These small things have ruined my relaxation for the day. It means I will have to go to the launderette tomorrow morning.

What else can I do?



Sunday, 3rd March 2019.


I started the day correctly, with coffee. Then I put a radiator cover together for Carter whilst I did my washing.


I spent the afternoon drinking, playing a little RDR2 and smoking. Then I had dinner, had the obligatory argument about nothing with my dad and shaved my head and face.

On the whole. Crap!

That makes me feel slightly better. I’m not unhappy, just disillusioned. It’s kinda like boredom. There are loads of things I could do. I just can’t see the point.

I’ll leave it another hour and see what happens.


OK. This is what happened. I rolled a boom-bat.

It didn’t really change anything. I was bored of drinking.

After a few minutes, I decided to re-watch Deadpool 2. It seemed like the perfect “non-committal” distraction.

Then, this happened:

This, was soon followed by Crackerbread with Dailylea spread on it, 2 packets of Quavers and half a kilo of liquorice allsorts. I’m one of the Rare breed that like all of them.

I also like Marmite.

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