Going Gonzo – Longbottom

Thursday, 17th January 2019.


I think I drank too much gin last night. Maybe not by usual standards but I think my liver is starting to regenerate and making me a bit of a pussy lightweight.

I also finished all my cheese with the help of the human dustbin, that is Louis.


I’ve just got back from the supermarket. Lunch and cheese board replacements. They were also doing an excellent deal on Amstel, so I had too.


The day gradually dissolved into hard work and confusion. All the things I thought I had got a handle on at work, all of a sudden, I’d lost. My brain just quit. By half four I could even spell. I know this because i was writing “Kingston” on a package and had it have it pointed out I’d written “Kington”.

Lets just hope tomorrow is better.

Carter was feeling a bit low so I went around to hers on the way home to cheer her up. That, I can do. We had some supper then I came home. After all, I had to watch the last Harry Potter.

Yes yes, I know, but I’ve watched all the others on ITV2 so I thought I might as well complete the set. Also, I had to see Longbottom save the day.



Done. I’ll have to find something else to consume my evenings now. I should crack on with Luther I suppose but I’m just not feeling it. I can only deal with extremely easy going TV.


I thought I had something else to say. Obviously not.

Roll on the weekend.

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