Going Gonzo – Long Playing Albewmins.

Friday, 10th January 2019.


It looks like I made it the whole week then. I have to admit, it’s been tough at times. Making the transition from physical work to mental work.

“It’s a different set of muscles mate innit!”

I’m sure a good, non alarmed, sleep will fix though.

Pfft. Lightweight!


All change. No engineer meeting.


Jesus! Where did the rest of the day go? It seems to have escaped me, somewhere. Oh well, I’m slightly closer to lounging clothes, glasses and Corona. Also, I think the new speakers have arrived for my record player….Aahhh!


I’m almost last one in the office. Time to go home.


Yay. It’s Friday night. I’m going out partying, drinking and taking copious amounts of drugs!!……Wait. No I’m not. I’m sitting in my room in my PJ’s. Fuck.

I’ve just bought a mini amp on Amazon. It turns out I’ll need it to run the speakers. A few more days waiting won’t kill me. I think my spacemen 3 vinyl turns up Monday too.

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