Going Gonzo – Like Bad Acid

Sunday, 24th February 2019.


The “événement du jour” goes to Slaughterhouse Rulez. Pegg/Frost’s first with their production company.

Me and Louis laughed our tits off.


Nah. It’s quality. It’s a deffo high high recommend-e-ondo.

Apart from that, usual fare.

After all the cleaning and shit, all I can see I’ve achieved is this.

I cleaned the dust off my bowler hat and put it on the top shelf. I now realising that it’s staring down at me.

Like bad acid.

I’ve had worse.

But that’s a story for another day.

Monday, 25th February 2019.


An uneventful day so far. The weather is good, mother P should be out of hospital and It’s only 3 more days until payday.

I’m going into town tomorrow to collect the van of the engineer who handed in his notice. It’s about time I had a little adventure,……….and a wander around a massive police station.


I’m starting to feel very very sleepy. ZzzzzzzZ.


Mother P is back in the house. She zimmer-framed about a bit. Told everyone to stop fussing, then sat down to watch Emmerdale.

The universe has corrected itself, the compass has stopped spinning and life returns to its regular course. Straight towards the Fucking rocks!

I do adore a glass half empty.

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