Going Gonzo – Is There Enough To Base A Movie On?

Tuesday, 6th March 2019.


“Look. You’ve raise some very valid points, but you can stick them up your arse for nothing and fuck off whilst you’re doing it! “.

Just another night in with brain.

The contemplative musings are exhilarating.

But the arguments are hell.

Jesus. There is no distraction. I just can’t find distraction………….oh wait.

It’s definitely not fuckin’ salsa but always, really makes me laugh.

Last thought of the night.

How much has your life cost?

Has it been worth it?

Is there enough to base a movie on?

Wednesday, 6th March 2019.


Wednesday YEAH!!!

I know it’s not that exciting but, it is fun to try and delude yourself into false excitement.

I’ve just had a little drive over to the Belvidere Arms in Ascot to meet my Governor. He wanted some paperwork so we thought we would make it look as much like a drug deal as we could.

We met in the car park and acted shady.

I celebrated this event by stopping at Costa.

It’s all about the little things……


Nothing of interest Happened all day.

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