Going Gonzo – Interaction.

Monday, 8th July 2019.


And it goes on. I had a call from my ex saying that Sonny isn’t coming this weekend. He was supposed to come and stay from Wednesday until Monday.

The reason he was coming Wednesday was that she was coming to Staines to take Louis out for his birthday but he wants to do sonething Friday.

It’s probably for the best. I am, as usual, completely skint.


I say completely skint. It didn’t stop me from buying a fry up. I feel really hungry. I haven’t got it yet. Just a coffee.


I got home. Drank some beers. Smoked a doob. Then ate 6 twisters and 2 snickers for my dinner.

I may elaborate later. Lets says it’s been annoying day.

Tuesday, 9th July 2019.


It’s just been too muggy and too busy to type anything today. I’ve had birthday stuff to sort out for Louis(he’s 15 tomorrow!) and the usual shite I have to deal with.

After travelling for an hour to get to Gatwick whilst “The Bouch” dribbled on me(he was asleep), we managed a productive day. I’m still struggling to get through the week without adding to my ever increasing debt, but it’s not going well due to the “birthday” situation.

I’ll get through it.

The reason I was so annoyed yesterday was because I’ve been taken off the Gatwick job, as of tomorrow, to go to the worlds shittest job in Esher. Add my ex coming to take Louis out for a meal tomorrow. I’m a little stressed.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019.


I’m the proud owner if a fifteen year old son. I know this because I said happy birthday to him on the way down the stairs. He made a noise and disappeared into the bathroom.

That’s interaction.

I gave him a £30 amazon voucher last night as he’s already had most of his birthday money. Ten minutes later, I noticed he’d bought a litre of Absolut(it comes up on my email account).

I told him it’s not really appropriate. I’m sure I’ll end up confiscating 90% of it.

Kids eh!


I’m at the nasty little job in Esher. I’ve only been here an hour and I’m hating it already.

It’s just fucking dirty.


I was home by three. It was too dirty, too humid and just too shit to continue. There is always tomorrow.

I got home and drank a Luke warm beer. Then, Louis came home. He got ready to go and have a meal with his mum. Shortly after, she arrived.

She seemed to have the idea in her head that I was going with them. Why the fuck would I do that? I can barely endure the “catch up” phone calls, let alone sitting opposite her at a table for an hour. Also, she dresses like a cross between a weekend hippy and a very angry Muslim.

I did get a little time to talk to Sonny though. I told him he can come and stay after they have been to this festival. I use the word festival in the loosest sense. Truthfully, it’s a load of fucking tree huggers wasting their whole lives trying to blame to everyone else for the way they are feeling, or what they can’t understand, or….. Blah blah blah. I don’t give a shit really. I have been forced, during the years of marriage, to endure similar. I fucking hate their kind. I hate their beliefs.

Let’s just say, as far as all that shit goes, I’m full of hate.


Luckily, the Monte Alban I ordered yesterday just arrived. Thanks God for decent alcohol.

As you can see, I sampled it. I think all the bottles of Patron have softened my palate. It’s time to dirty it up a bit.

Thursday, 11th July 2019.


Talk about slow days! I thought it was lunchtime.


The news of the day is, my guv has secured a huge job in Bedford. We will start next week or the week after and I think it’s a good 4-5 months worth.

This could put me back on top.

I’ll wait for the fat lady to start singing before I get too excited though.

On the whole, another dull week. Let’s hope the weekend is really exciting.

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