Going Gonzo – Innocent

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019.


Another Reading train, another cow lager.

Most of the morning was spent signing documents about acting in a professional manner and explaining to the other trades on site that The Bouch was innocent.

It was all fucking tedious and probably not helped by me, periodically shouting,”THE OLD BURLINGTON STREET ONE IS INNOCENT!”

Yep. I’m an annoying cunt like that.

As the day wore on we discovered that neither of the two instigators had come into work today. Their boss did send an email saying they were under a lot of pressure and thing might have been blown out of proportion.

Hhmm. It kinda sounds like an apology?…It doesn’t really matter now.

Everyone on site think that “weird Deidre Barlowe looking motherfucker” and her mate, “talking to people like they are shit makes me feel like I’m in charge” are utter wankers.

Thursday, 3rd October 2019.


It’s pretty chilly. It’s time to find the parka me thinks.


Yep. Defo. Parka.


I have a sudden urge to flee. Just run away……….


It turns out I should have run away. As usual, the work that we all assumed was confirmed for Saturday is unconfirmed. I found this out by asking the question. The response I got has made me fucking angry.

Obviously, it was the use of capitals that got my back up.Now I’m reading it again, I realise it says:”By shouting at you I believe that you are a lesser person than me and I can talk down to you. Therefore your only response is to come round my house ad burn it down with my family in it.”I might calm down in a bit.

Friday, 4th October 2019.


It turned out alright in the end…………DID IT FUCK!

As usual, the job was cancelled. I really needed the money as well.

Note to self: Don’t ever say yes unless iis confirmed.

At least I’ll get a little extra time to spend with Sonny before he leaves on Sunday.

Sunday, 6th October 2019.


There goes another weekend.

How many do I have left?

I’ve lost count of the shit ones and the good ones are too few.

I spent a whole day with Sonny. Only to realise that I don’t know him anymore.

The worst part is, I don’t feel athing about it.


We agreed to try and rung each other more.


The “Ex” picked him up at around 12.30 and took Louis out for lunch.

Louis came home pissed off.

Sick of hearing her bullshit philosophy. I feel for him.

I heard it for 10+ years.

Apart from that, I’ve cleaned. I’ve tidied. I’ve shopped……… Everyone is ill. I’ve done pharmacy runs, shop runs and…….general runs.

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