Going Gonzo – Illegitimate Son Of A Rock’n’Roll Star.

Monday, 8th June 2020.


I didn’t even manage to get dressed this weekend. That’s how exciting it was.

Being Monday, the Bouch is off, as usual. Leaving me and Big Dave to do what we can.

Luckily, we are in Gerrards Cross today which is only a twenty five minute drive.


That’s everything done then. We are waiting for the boss to arrive with a couple of bits. So, it was probably lucky that The Bouch didn’t turn up. It’ll give us a better chance of going home early, rather than being sent on to another job.

All that’s left to do until then is sit in my car.


1. No work tomorrow(I’m actually happy about that!).

2. The Bouch did not contact the boss that he was off. He left that to me. Yes. I’m angry!

Tuesday, 9th June 2020.


No work today. Got up at 9 and woke Louis up. Poundland time.

Anyway, we went. Collected pound related items, then came home.

Wednesday, 10th June 2020.


I got drunk and fell asleep at around 4pm. I woke at 19.30. A mystery missed call from my parents which I couldn’t return due to the constant engaged tone was left on my phone. I’ll have to ring them later.

It’s probably nothing.

Apart from that I’ve got one of those big,  under skin, spots next to my nose and I feel sick. Life’s a dream sometimes.


It’s a bit dreary today


I forgot to mention that The Bouch didn’t turn up again. I don’t think the boss was to happy as he had to come in and help us.


Boss has gone. We’ve had enough. It’s time to go home in the pouring rain. I lost most of the skin on my arms and hands running a fibre optic from 15th floor to the 11th. That’s the justification.

Thursday, 11th June 2020.


This week seems to be dragging. More likely I’m just bored. Bored of everything. Then again, I suppose, everyone is.

I’m hoping that the housing cunts will get back to work next week and get me a house. It’s been three years and one month on the waiting list.


Jesus! Just another shit day.

Friday, 12th June 2020.


According to the announcement on the station platform this morning, from the 15th wearing a mask on the train will be manderery………..mandermory…………….. needed if you wish to travel.

I gave it a smirk and a tut. It is early.

At least we have arrived at Friday. It all just seemed to much this week.

The only problem being, today’s job will probably be the most painful.


I was right. It hurt a lot but the site manager told us we all had to leave by 2pm as there was about to be a big client meeting.

Needless to say, we packed up and left the building by 13.55. We don’t need to be told twice!

Sunday, 14th June 2020.


It’s a weekend! I did what I always do. Drunk, smoked, played console, etc…

Obviously, I did all the extras as well(washing, ckeaning, etc..)

Not a lot to be said but maybe next week will hold some fruit?

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