Going Gonzo – I Think I’d Be Good For You And You’d Be Good For Me.

Thurday, 23rd May 2019.


As some of you may know. I have started the long and exciting task of turning “Journal Of A Desperate Man” into a novel. The main problem I am having is naming the main character.

It seems like a simple task but, it’s amazingly hard. Such a small thing.

Naming the desperate man?!?! Who would have thought it would be so difficult?

I have re-blogged the original 4/5 parts. It is very different now but it will give you an idea.


Any suggestions will be considered.


I’m just waiting for Louis to come home so we can begin the arduous task of dinner. I have to go to Carter’s. She has a manky eye infection and can’t see properly. I’m going to feed her.

Of course, there will be a level of sympathetic piss taking.

Hey! It’s my job?


My mum, casually, asked when we were moving back to Liza’s at dinner.

Alright! I can take a hint. I understand how important it is for you and dad to have the the whole four bedroom, 2 reception room house to yourselves again! It’s just so cramped.

I explained I would be dealing with the main shuffle this weekend and we would probably move in next weekend.

It’s so nice to be loved by your parents, isn’t it?



I visited Carter. I made her eggy in a basket, took the piss, squeezed the boobs, then went over the road and scored some weed.

The guy I normally see wasn’t in but I happened across another associate.

Knowing the criminal underbelly of the massive has its advantages.


Movie du jour:

I’ve only ever seen the original, Korean version. Josh Brolin is the bollocks though.

Friday, 24th May 2019.


Hot and sticky. That pretty much sums up the day. We went to Reading and done a little job.

Came home. Done the usual Friday night type things. I have been explaining to Louis about The M. Night Shyamalan trilogy. I have agreed to watch Unbreakable with him tonight.

Saturday, 25th May 2019.


I sent Louis off to his mother’s for the weekend. He didn’t want to go but he knew he would have to pay “Lip Service” because it’s half term. He’s coming back Monday.

Yesterday at dinner I was quizzed about when we are moving back to Lisa’s. There is a reason my parents want rid of us but I don’t know what it is. My dad seemed to think we were moving in when Louis got back!

I think my mum told him that. Truthfully, I’m surprised she knows what day it is sometimes.

Time to push the schedule forward.

By the end of play Monday, I need to have the summerhouse emptied. If I can do that then I’ll lay the carpet tiles I got from work (I didn’t steal them. They were chucking them out. Brand new. Wrong colour). Once that’s done I just need to buy a bed then we can move in. I’m hoping next weekend.

Anyway, that’s from tomorrow. Today I’m looking after carter with her manky eye. I say looking after. It’s more taking the piss and making her laugh.

Weird movie choice of the day:

That was followed by The Haunting Of Sharon Tate.

“Life is a drink and you get drunk when your young.”

I’m glad I don’t get hangovers any more. (Now! That’s sarcasm!)

Sunday, 26th May 2019.


Considering how unenthusiastic I was when I woke up I’ve made a little headway. My car is loaded for the dump. It will require 2 runs to clear all the shit. I have another pile to go to my parents and another for Carter’s loft.

Having my son live in a shed, will be a high point in my life.

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