Going Gonzo – I Left My Pomade In The Car.

Wednesday, 3rd July 2019.


I got up. I stuck on a pair of shorts and my Hans Island: karate Tournament t-shirt. Then I took Louis to school for our 08.15 meeting.

The bottom line is, we won. The other kid has been expelled but Louis has been asked not to socialise with the group who witnessed it as they are a bit traumatised.

“There traumatised!? They weren’t on the floor getting booted in the head were they?” I said, in a slightly higher pitch than I wanted to.

“We do appreciate what your saying Mr. Perandin but we have to think of everyone…. for the greater good. ” replied the teacher.

Fuck! The greater good? He stole that from the movie, Hot Fuzz, surely?

“You have to appreciate then that I’m Louis’ father. (This is were I lost sight of the real situation and quoted a movie myself) I’m the God damn Pater familias! My only priority is my family.”

The teacher looked at me for a while. Not knowing how to react until Louis said it was fine. He would have the rest of the weeks breaks in isolation.

Truthfully, the teacher was lucky I hadn’t been watching Moonrise Kingdom or I might have thrown a shoe at him.

That pretty much wrapped it up and we all went our separate ways.

I am now involved in my tax return and tax credit renewal.

It can’t always be exciting.


With the taxman dealt with, I scrapped a line of cocaine together from cleaning my grinder, drank 2 beers and smoked a handful of cigarettes. It’s very quiet in the yard today. I’m surrounded by bed sheets drying on the line. I figured that my only redemption would be if “IT” appeared from behind one of the sheets and offered to take me to the place where everyone floats.

It hasn’t happened yet.

I’ll just get another beer.


Carter came home. Moaned about her day. Opened her deliveries then gave me these.

I don’t know what they are for but they are quite perky. I’m undecided who they remind me of……


Jesus! Life can be arse sometimes. I’ve nothing to back that up with. Just sayin’.

All I have left to drink is that Jameson’s. It’s too hot for…………. Fuck it! I’m going for it.


I suppose I should get my shit together for work tomorrow. I just ate cheesy chips. Cheezy chips of my own design, mind! Dirty fries.

Right! Stop procrastinating. Shower. Bag. Lunch. Maybe a quick wank?………

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