Going Gonzo – Hit The Cheese.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019.


In the end, I had to hit the cheese. And very nice it was too. It’s a bonus that the board fits in my little fridge because the brie stinks and makes my room smell like teenagers.

My car is still running correctly.

All I can think about this morning is Slurm. I’d like a nice can of Slurm. I haven’t watched any Futurama recently. So, I don’t know why that floated to the front of my brain.


Go figure!

On a tangent, Louis appears to have inherited some of my luck. He is supposed to be in isolation today for the “useless poncey cunt” thing, but luckily, it’s a staff training day so he finishes at one thirty.

I mean, for fucks sake! Isolation? It’s school, not prison. It’s not like he shivved someone.

I was going to make it my mission, to call people useless poncey cunts, today.

I bet all I’ll get is a vague chuckle or a tut.


Fuckin’ lunch. I ain’t got none.

I know its early but these things need to be considered.


It is definitely time to pop down Sainbury’s.


The morning went super fast. Now the afternoon is dragging out. Typical.


Alright. I fuckin’ lied! I just lost that entire hour(and a bit).

I do like it when that happens though. I’m going to go home now and have a nice lay down.


Nothings happening. I’m on the next Harry Potter film(Deathly Hallows part 1). This time I have the giant lump, which is Louis, laying next to me.


I regaled L-Bobs with stories of triumph, Love, loss and despair. Dream like encounters and the folly of youth……….

Then I threw him out of my room.

I didn’t have a particular reason.

Just keeping him in his toes.

Day done.

I could masturbate but I feel old.

Jonathon Creek is lolling me to sleep

(for the millionth time).

The one pound candle I bought Tesco’s has lasted well..

I think I’ve……..died inside?


That’s it!

Where’s my drugs and prostitutes and booze and guns and lube and rope and spatulas………………..?

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