Going Gonzo – Flying Past To Get To Brighton.

Thursday, 4th July 2019.


“It was a good job I wasn’t trippin’!” Jay said, as the car pulled out in front of us. Jay used to do quite a lot of LSD.

We are heading to Gatwick to start a job. Not much of a job, but a job. Tomorrow I’m returning to Bob’s Books in Portobello Road.


It was a shit journey. That’s all there is to say. People only endure the drive to Gatwick if they are going on holiday or flying past it to go to Brighton or something. Any other reason is madness.


Today is the day that America declared independence from British tyranny.

How’s that working out for you?


Home time. Returning to the centre of the known universe.


Got paid(including tomorrow). All spent. Bills.

Good times.


Like I do. Every day.

I’ll sort it!

Friday, 5th July 2019.


I didn’t sort it. Bloody lottery. I was sure I was going to win……

Anyway, I’m heading into town on the 06.34. Once I arrive at Waterloo I have more than an hour to make my way to Portobello Road. It seems mad I know, but I hate it when the trains are too busy.

Someone mentioned something about rain today but I just can’t see it.

My plan today is to get this job done as quickly as possible. Get the fuck out of London then sleep until Monday.

This will be counterpointed by oral sex every four hours, Cocaine blown up my arse every thirty minutes and melted butter injected directly into my arteries twice daily.

At least the sleeping part will actually happen.


Here I am. Happily sitting on a fire escape just out the back of Portobello Road. Or, as I like to call it, RichardCurtisLand.

There are plenty of Hugh’s around. Plus a few Spike’s and a healthy smattering of “Five Years Ago I Was Hip” hipsters. It’s excellent for people watching. I’ll probably have a pint before leaving. Just to soak up some of the pomposity.

Even the back street garages are upper class. They don’t look like that where I live!


I’m almost home. I’m gonna pick up some “supplies”, then go home and lay around in my pants.

What do you think of them apples?

I’ll have to have a shower first. I think I’m wearing a portion of London. I am quite sticky though so, to be expected.


I’m having a lovely sit. I’m just sitting.

I was gonna have a stand, but I’ve gone off the idea.


Actually what I’m doing is simple.

Drinking in the garden

Smoking in the garden.

Watching Louis, in this shed, playing Red Dead and eating sherbet lemons(I’m sitting in the yard).


I just remembered!!

I was going to find Richard Curtis’s front door from Notting Hill, and pose outside it like a weird, Fanboy, obsessive would-be killer. Tut. I was probably distracted by all the twisty moustache, last years fashion beard, sports jacket and chino shorts wearing cock-knockers. Parading around with iced macchiato’s and oversized vape’s in hand.

A thoroughly enjoyable day.

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