Going Gonzo – Enforced Limbo.

Wednesday, 25th March 2020.


I have a collection of phone calls to make today:

  • Ring Sonny – Make sure everything is ok.
  • Ring Parents – As above.
  • Ring Garage – Find out how much my car is gonna cost.

Alright, three!

It’s more than I did yesterday.

Thursday, 26th March 2020.


£521 later, I got my car back with a new MOT, new auxiliary belt, new timing belt sensor, new shock absorber boot, full service,new front disks/pads and a wipe with a dirty rag.

Just the kind of expenditure I needed. This will leave me with £100.

£44 of this will have to be paid out in maintenance.

Let’s hope that we hear good news from the Boris Update tonight. Us self employed’s are getting desperate.


It was a good chat. I’ll give him that but JUNE!

I’ve already vented but some people are still deluded enough to believe……words.

Yes! I’m fucking angry. Really fucking angry!


At least someone cheered me up. This is the highlight of my day.

The sad thing is, I’m so bored I probably will hunt him down.

In the words of Bricktop:

“You won’t be laughing when you’re putting out the flames on your children’s backs!”


Jeez. I’m real angry.

Can’t eat.

Can’t relax.

This is how these things affect me.

It’s even more annoying than the match.com adverts.

Lesbians in bad jeans! Pfft.

Here’s a great album that mirrors my mood.

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