Going Gonzo – Disguised With Vibrant Colours.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019.


Waterloo & City-tastic this morning.

Back to Lego. I’m doing a double today. I have another job starting at 17.30.


Lego was a miserable affair.

Disguised with vibrant colours and lights.

I’m out now, and sitting in a pub near Chancery Lane tube. A quick pint of Guinness before I have to head over to Liverpool Street to meet the others for the 2nd job.

I can tell today is going to be a long drawn out affair. I’m already bored and it’s not even 2pm!


I’ve met up with Big Dave and Cheezy Puffs. We are in the Wetherspoons at Lliverpool Street.

Only Three hours to burn.

Saturday, 26th October 2019.


I managed to get home at about eight o’clock that night. Since then I’ve done fuck all.

A bit of electrical work, washing, cleaning, drinking. Y’know, the usual.

Saturday work is shit but the money is good. The Saturday morning train is snail-slow. It stops everywhere, like being on a bus.

Bus wanker,…..train wanker. It’s all the same. It’s what I am.