Going Gonzo – Cruel Summer.

Friday, 12th July 2019.


Friday again. I’m sitting on a wall waiting for my boss to collect me. I’ve worked out that, even after being paid, I still have no money, but at least there is light on the horizon. The main issue is a loan payment that bounced last week. I thought they would have tried to retake the direct debit by now, or rung me but nothing?

I’ll have to sort it out later. I hate shit looming over me.


Why is it always my turn to buy coffee when there are more than three of us?

Nero it is then.


I feel I need to go here:


The one positive of this job is we are allowed a radio. Everyone seems happy with Absolute 80’s which, as you can imagine, is full of nostalgia. I’ll try not to cry.


I am desert dry and the only choice is Waitrose.

“Ooohhh! I must buy some Grey Poupon!” he exclaimed.



It was so bad, even the Guv couldn’t hack it. Thus, I am already at home, in shorts, drinking beer and waiting for Louis to get in so we can go into Staines and get his hair cut.

I need trainer socks. I also need to drink icy cold lager whilst Louis gets his haircut. I also need a few other sundries.

After that, I don’t intend to leave the garden all weekend. I’ve got to a crucial point in my novel that will need some serious thought. I’m gonna collect my pin board from my parents and devise it “Sherlock Holmes spider’s web” style.


Box ticked!


Success! If money was no object. Apparently, it isn’t(judging by what Louis needed). Hey Ho! It comes it. It goes.

Let’s hope he looks after me when I’m old…….older….. Or something.

It’s still all 80’s weekend(I decided that half way through the day when maneater by Hall & Oates came on the radio), so I must think 80’s. Hmm?

I didn’t go to my parents and pick up the pin board. The reasons being:

1. I really needed a piss.

2. I had arranged a “pick up”

3. They make me really miserable.

I’ll go tomorrow.



I have no focus. I literally cannot focus.



Saturday, 13th July 2019.


I’m up for fucks sake!


I still feel kinda sleepy. Once upon a time I could sleep all day Saturday if I wanted.

I hate being a grown up.

I suppose I’ll do some washing and shit. And I’ve still got to go to my parents.


Fuck the parents. I’ll go tomorrow. I need to keep up with my daily challenges on RDR2. That’s much more important.




Sunday, 14th July 2019.


I avoid my parents again. I’ll just pop in after work one day. Work days are depressing anyway.

I’ve bought food. I’ve done washing.

Typical Sunday stuff.

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