Going Gonzo – Crammed Full Of Wankers.

Tuesday, 18th June 2019.



A starter of Bowie seemed appropriate. It seems ridiculous to do train track works during the week. There is normally about 5 trains before this one. Today there was one at 06.29 and everyone knows that the 06.29 is crammed full of wankers from Reading.


have just hit Whitton and it’s already Japanese train packed!


That was diabolical! Yet they still charge you money. By the time we got to Clapham I thought people were gonna start hanging off the side and climbing on the roof. Asian style.


Now I’ve received a call saying that we can’t go to site as they are having a meeting about complaints of noise.


We are allowed on site at 9am apparently. Once the site manager apologises and kisses various arsed.

The Guv said,”have your break now then you can work through the day!”

I said, “no.”

Self employed wins again.


As expected, the day is going shit. Everyone is moody. Emails are being sent. I just laughed and looked out the window.


There was more work, some eating and then we left. It seemed like the thing to do. The moodiness of the day accelerated as the air pressure went up. Then it rained and everyone recovered.

I’m sure the working day would go better without a piss-taking, obnoxious, bottom feeder like me, constantly banging his gums together but what can you do?

On a positive, looking at the faces of people at Clapham Junction and Richmond, it’s been a shit travel day for everyone.

I’m fine if everyone is suffering.

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