Going Gonzo – Choose.

Tuesday, 19th February 2019.


When you sprinkle a little “fun” on things, the prospects always seem brighter. Four San Miguel, a couple of decent swigs of Maker’s and 2 packs of Quavers to be precise.

My biggest dilemma is, as usual, what to watch on telly?

At the moment I watching the trail end of Jumaji 2. Why? It’s “no brain” entertainment.

My next choice is more important………………

Right. I’ve stopped laughing at my choice of words. IMPORTANT! Christ. I need to get my priorities straight. Nevertheless, it’s a choice. I have the world of TV at my fingertips. So, I choose…………..?


I settled with Hamish Macbeth in the end. It helps me believe there is a quieter, jollier life out there,…. Somewhere.

The fact it was first on TV 24 years ago freaks me out a bit. I remember watching the first episode on the day of broadcast.

Fuck. I’d have been 21-22 years old.

I seem to remember it was a quality year though. Blur, Oasis, Pulp.

(Now I’m looking it up!)

The Doors movie was released. I remember dragging Caro to it in London somewhere(we were going out at the time).

Friends and ER aired for the first time in uk(British people ruined forever!) That’s harsh. I enjoyed the both.

“Stop looking now Mark!”

Playboy TV aired on UK satellite.

Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave showed, for the first time, on BBC2.

Rip: Peter Cook, Kenny Everett, Paul Eddington and, Lest we forget, the beautiful Jeremy Brett.

Yep. THAT! was a quality ramble.

Loads of shit went down in ’95………….

I have recently been reading about Jeremy Brett. My favourite discovery was, that he was in a relationship with Paul Shenar. He played Sosa in Scarface.

Wednesday, 20th February 2019.


My primary goal this morning was to clear the fire escape, ready for the auditor who is due tomorrow. This I have achieved. Not in an organised way. More in a, stuff boxes in the racking way.

Not that we would ever use it in a fire. We would probably open the window, down at the end of the office, which would put us in the car tire yard out the back.


Finally, I’m home. This afternoon/evenings adventure consisted of the following.

Around 4pm we realised we needed about 21 pieces of specifically sized ply for tomorrow. So, me and one of the guys I work with cut up what we had in stores. After cutting everything we could use we were still 8 pieces of 250mm by 250mm short.

5pm. I’m in my car driving through the rush hour traffic to B&Q in Slough. The reason being they have a cutting service. My plan was to get the wood, have it cut and drop it back at work.

It took me an hour to get there. I grabbed the wood and went to the cutting service desk.

Fucking great.

Long story short. I had to go home. Cut the wood myself. Drive back to work and drop off the wood.

It was less an adventure and more of a pain in the arse I suppose but it is what it is.


I’m eating Maltesers now. I stopped off at Carter’s. She had been to town today and I’d asked her to pick up some junk food.

I’m not really hungry. Just bored. I should just go to sleep.

Thursday, 21st February 2019.


This morning I drive to Sevenoaks and back again. That was a joy to behold. It got me out of the office but, sadly, all the vans have Bluetooth so I didn’t escape all the calls.

I’m feeling a bit ropey. Kinda fluey.

You won’t be able to imagine it as my flu is worse than anyone else’s in the world! I should get some sort of prize.

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