Going Gonzo – Chasing Dreams.

Sunday, 30th June 2019.


As I always say, that 14.30 slot on the Pyramid Stage is always worth a look. It was nice to see Kylie appreciate that magic moment. Also, fuck! That’s a lot of people. I almost cried. Not as much as when I saw Lionel Richie but it is biased as I was in the crowd.

Stupidly, then I watched Miley Cyrus and Mark “why won’t he fuck off back behind the mixing desk instead of turning up like a cunt everywhere” Ronson murder Back In Black.

Amy done it. She really fuckin’ done it!

Don’t soil perfection. No matter how much of a tribute it is.

Jesus. It got worse. She brought her dad on…….groan!

Monday, 1st July 2019.


Work sounds a bit sketchy this week. I have a couple of bounced payments so this isn’t good.

I’m on my way in today and have Thursday and Friday confirmed.



To calm myself after the whole “Miley Cyrus” annoyance I watched a little of the Cure and a couple of other bits. Then I watched Lost In London. It’s the Woody Harrelson movie he made in real-time. It’s quite funny. Especially the whole Wes Anderson/Owen Wilson best friend bit. Give it a look:


Fuck! I left my lunch in the fridge at home.


It’s warm again. Very warm. Definitely time for a fag.


Yet again, we have resorted to The Globe again. The benefit today was I befriended the tap engineer and he is giving me all the test pints for free. It’s a bit much for 11.30 on a Monday but free is free and a challenge is a challenge!


No more work confirmed until Thursday. FUCK!

I might as well go to sleep and chase dreams. There’s fuck all else to do.

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