Going Gonzo – Caution! Wet Window Sills

Monday, 3rd June 2019.


Back at Holmes Terrace. We are all wearing our new logo’d t-shirts. Louis seems to have enjoyed this first sleep in a shed. He has made it into a shrine to dead hip-hop stars, guns and smoking pot.

Teenagers! I was never like that…….

I was much worse.


Self-explanatory really.


Sitting here, on the train, I really tempted to go directly home but I know I’ll have to collect more stuff from my parents sooner or later.


I got the Wi-Fi extender, the extension lead, some whitening tooth paste and some under eye wrinkle cream. I’ll get more tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4th June 2019.


There was no way I was going to spend my lunchtime in the bookies, so I had no choice but to go to The Wellington.

Im not that hungry anyway. I’ve opted for a breakfast bap.

I think I’m off tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll get a few more bits back to Carter’s.

Wednesday, 5th June 2019.


Indeed, I am off today. I’ve shuffled the front room round to accommodate some of my belongings. I’m pushing myself as I’d rather sit in the garden. Playing some geetarrrrs. I’ll see how it goes.


I did it. That is, I got my PC, TV, PS4, etc and got them into the house. Plus a couple of other bits. I also fixed the biggest problem in the house. I bought some cheese. A house is not a home without cheese.

Thursday, 6th June 2019.


I might have to work all weekend due to lack of other works. Oh well. Such is life.

Big Gay Jay turned up with another Costa this morning so I told him I’d buy his lunch. Not that he couldn’t do with skipping a few meals(his words not mine).


For fucks sake, my label printer has lost it’s “eights”.


No work again tomorrow so I will definitely be working at least Saturday. I am on my way home though so, swings and roundabouts.

Go Easy.

Step Lightly.

Stay Free.

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