Going Gonzo – Business As Usual.

Saturday, 23rd March 2019.


The joys of management.

I got an email at 22.45 last night. It casted doubt on everything I had arranged for Monday so I’ve spent the morning cancelling hired equipment and informing engineers.

Exactly how I like to spend my Saturday mornings!

It wasn’t a massive issue as I am pretty much on first name terms with the hire company and had to get up to take Louis to the opticians.

I also had my eyes tested. As another reinforcement of my belief I am immortal, my eyes have gone from -2.00 to -1.50 and -1.75.

I feel like Wolverine.

I wish I could grow new teeth(my next age-related endeavour).

I am currently waiting for Louis to finish his hearing test. I thought I’d have him checked but I believe it is due to him just being Ignorant,….or 14.


Yep. Just ignorant but wasn’t when they were 14.

Fuck it. Guinness time.


I was worried for a minute that I’d have a good day but luckily everything is going pear-shaped.

Lost my hat.

No vendors returning texts.

Foul mood.

The world is a cunt.

So,……business as usual.

As a last resort, and for my sanity, I’ve had to Turtle Bay it.


The only phrase I can find in my brain to illustrate my current mood is:



Set Three.


A couple more later, I gave up.

Drove to Carter’s. Laid down.


Vague satisfaction.

Sunday, 24th March 2019.


I suppose the ultimate Sunday question is, is it worth it?

What is the cost of that little taste of honey?

The last thing that remember is watching the beginning of the film Evolution at around 5am. The next thing I knew it was 10am.

I had asked Carter if I could borrow her living room. It wasn’t for me. It was so Louis could spend the day with his new girlfriend. The trade-off was me making everyone roast dinner. It seemed fair. It also meant I got to lay around in bed without any harassment from my parents. The end result was watching almost all three of the Christian Bale Batman films and drinking.

Carter went out to see a friend.

I made the roast(beef). We all ate it.

Louis’girlfriend left about seven thirty so we left Carter in peace and went back to the morgue,…. I mean home.

Monday, 25th March 2019.


Then, all of a sudden, it was morning.

The day ran like this:

Home to Farnborough to pick up hired 3.5 tonne van.

Farnborough to work.

Loaded 4 two kilometre drums of cable into said van.

Work to Heathrow.

Heathrow to council office cabling survey.

Council office to work.

Work to farnborough to drop van back off.

Farnborough to Chessington. Quick pint with Kai.

Chessington to Carter’s to collect my forgotten cheese which I had bought yesterday.

Carter’s to home. Then I ate for the first time today.


Tuesday, 26th March 2019.


I slept like the dead last night. Probably due to the herbal remedy. Anyway, I woke up feeling better than I was expecting to.

No shirt today, just a t-shirt, as I had no client facing protocol to observe.

It’s pretty early for me to eat but I need food. Even if it is crap food(£3 meal deal time).


I’m just about to hit that time where everything goes pear shaped.


As days go, I’ve had worse.

My final goal, today, was to clean and tidy my pit. In order to do that, I told Louis he had to spend the evening in his own room but now I have a little alone time, I don’t want to waste it cleaning.

I miss solitude. I forget how much until suddenly hear that gentle hum of silence.


That got boring after 5 minutes so I watched X-Files and admired the shape of my feet.

Just one of the things I suppose.

Then I finished my black bomber and Austrian cheese selection with the aid of some onion chutney and Ryvita.

Policeman: where exactly are you heading?

Dwayne Barry: I don’t know. But they will tell me I get there.

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