Going Gonzo – Broken Dream.

It’s amazing how quick a dream can become a nightmare.

It was a solid plan.

New Life. New Place. New Love. New Me.

Only one thing stood in the way.

The “everything” that meant it could happen.

I honestly thought my luck had changed. I mean, after what seemed like, twenty years of losing. I get to win this one, right?

The rest of my life would be a series of holiday snaps and happiness.

The rest puts me where I am now.

Self inflicted.

An inability to grow up?

To be honest. I don’t think I was ever equipped with the tools.

That’s no fault of yours.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019.


I’m going to the shop. I’m out of lager.

I had eight when I got home earlier.

I don’t feel “eight bottles” drunk?

It could never have more meaning than it does right now.


I’ve drunk nine beers.

I’ve cried nine times.

Hold on for tomorrow.


Who would you blame for blowing the flame right out?


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