Going Gonzo – Bionic Hip

Friday, 22nd February 2019.


At least it’s Friday. It’s also the day my mum comes home from the hospital with her new bionic hip.

Alright. It’s probably not bionic but it’s a brand new hip! I’m sure she will be happy as she has neglected her skateboarding recently.

I still feel a bit crap but it seems to have dried up. I’ve got healing abilities like Wolverine.


Unnervingly quiet again. Storm imminent.


I’ve just spent the last hour taking various pictures of this hose attachment and sending it to multiple email addresses.

It just looks like a standard compressor hose to me. Apparently, nobody likes the word standard. Thus the emailing.

How could something so simple waste so much if my time.


My working week is over. Yay ME!

I’ll chill over at Carter’s tonight then pick Louis up from the station tomorrow. After that, I’ll spend the rest of the weekend in limbo. Doing whatever I like. It seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

I’ll see how it ends up as my mum will be coming out of hospital. I thought it was going to be today but we haven’t heard anything as yet, so it could be tomorrow.


No early release for mother dearest. They are keeping her in a bit longer. I know this as I’ve just got back from visiting her. She’s enjoying herself. It’s like she’s in a living soap opera. Her words not mine.

The important thing is, like I said, she’s happy.

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