Going Gonzo – Back To Work.

Monday, 15th April 2019.


Well. I’m an work. I built it up to extremes in my head but it’s been OK, so far. A bit of a frosty reception but that is to be expected.

Give it a couple more hours and we will see if it returns to normal. If not, I’m sure within a couple of days it will be fine.

The weirdest part is, right now, I have nothing to do!


I’ve been out to lunch. It was uneventful apart from narrowly escaping a parking ticket. I still haven’t done any real work. Just a little arithmetic. Hopefully, the day will continue like this.

No parents to worry about tonight as I’m staying at Carter’s again.


The end result of the day was, work was more concerned about me quitting, than sacking me. They asked if my illness could be stress related. I couldn’t answer as I don’t know.

I’m sure they wouldn’t have asked if they knew my…….er……. history.

The point is, all is good. I’m not going to quit a job that is so convenient. Even with the endless “problems” it throws up.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019.


We watched The Five last night. It’s a bit Scooby-Doo but OK. I’ll be back home tonight. Louis is heading back from Somerset.

All back to normal. Well, y’know!?


I have a minor headache but it is probably due to needing food. What I’m going to eat though, I have no idea.

I’m bored of everything.

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