Going Gonzo – Back To School

Thursday, 5th September 2019.


Everything appears to be back to normal.Louis went back to school yesterday and I went back to work today.

Hopefully, there will only be minimal days off before the big Bedford job starts.

The only thing I’ve learnt this week is, don’t put cheap tattoos from candy cigarette packets on your hand.

Three showers later and it’s still there.

Monday, 9th September 2019.


I did work last week but it wasn’t noteworthy.

Today, the whole team was back together.

Me and Louis went and had a couple of pints with Kai and Aurelia yesterday.

It’s always good to see the important people.

I should really give Mare a ring and have a drink……

Anyway, the whole weekend was uneventful. Usual stuff really.

We did boxset The Loudest Voice though. It’s worth a watch.

Thursday, 19th September 2019.


A load more days have passed. I had a birthday. It was all dull.

I’ve been concentrating on getting my affairs in order but have made very little headway.

Everything has gone rotten. Like stagnant water. I convinced myself I had bowel cancer for a few days, until I remembered I was immortal………

True Narcissism is hard to maintain.

Here’s a selection over photos from the missing days:

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