Going Gonzo – Applauded By Who Matters

Tuesday, 8th January 2019.


I got a call from my true sister last night. I haven’t cared for filling in loved ones with information about my new job but telling Mare gave me a little boost. Anyway, I’ve arranged to go for lunch with the girls in a couple of weeks.


Starvo Marvo! I dunno why. I ate loads of junk last night.


Then, the day just got stupid.

I did manage to eat a brie, bacon and tomato chutney sandwich and a Costa.

I can’t complain about the workload. After all, they aren’t paying me for nothing.

I’ve also got a whole load of online health and safety courses to take.


I went to visit Carter on the way home. I had dinner there to save on all the hassle eating at home. I also relieved her of her excess Christmas junk food.


Time to relax, me thinks.


Status Report

Mood: 50/50. Moderately lonely.

Drinking: Corona.

Smoking: Tobacco/weed.

Eating: Cadbury Festive Cake Selection.

Thinking: Too much.

Watching: Black Books boxset.

(background distraction)

Listening to:

Pfft. Yawn!…….

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