Going Gonzo – Aftermath

Wednesday, 8th May 2019.


It was pissing down this morning so I gave Louis a lift to school. I returned home. Twenty minutes later I was at Carter’s. Being at home was like breathing soup.

Christ. I’m lucky to have a friend like Carter.


I’m still at Carter’s. I watched Zombieland and now I’m watching Gross Point Blank. Oh, and doing washing. I was planning on looking at clearing out the summerhouse buy it’s pissing down.


I’m full of anxious sickness. I might go to the pub. I need booze. I need to take the edge off.


I popped home and immediately popped out again. The barrage of questions was too much so I’ve retreated to the George. A perfect place for useless, pointlessly existing scum like myself. I’ll see how I feel after a couple of pints. It might perk me up a bit. Then again, it might not.

Reoccurring themes. Constant agony with the occasional rest bite to lull me into believing it could be alright tomorrow.

Thursday, 9th May 2019.


I got up.

My parents were a little less confrontational this morning, so I made coffee.

Once I was actually alive, I did the most important thing: Talk to my old Guv. As ever, he was cool and I’m back on the rota. Hopefully, I’ll be back to what I know on Monday.

The next task of the day was to get some storage for my stuff and everything in Carter’s summerhouse.

After several hours, I lost heart. I can’t seem to get anything that won’t result in £100 – £130 a month. Most of these places are cheap for the first eight weeks but then the price’s seem to double. I think I need to look further away from this area.

It was disappointing, to say the least.

If I want to get back to some sort of control. I have to get out of this house!!

I’m not beaten yet.

As my positivity was failing, I decided to finalise the book project I’ve been working on. I did a final edit of the content and uploaded the cover and pages to the book makers.

I got 20 copies.

I never though I’d have a book with my name on it. Even if it is just a collection of the first blogs I did.

It’s everything I wrote from 2016 -2017, before I gave the blog a name. It’s a load of old shot but what the hey! It kept me sane for a couple of weeks.

Here’s what the cover looks like:


I had a little RDR2 sesh with “The Bouch”.

At least, he’ll be happy about me returning to the old job. As long as we don’t go 8-ball crazy again.

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