Going Gonzo – After The Goldrush

Tuesday, 10th March 2020.


I’m just forever waiting.

In this instance, it’s waiting outside Waterloo. How many hours have I wasted, standing here?

Anyway, I lost Big Gay Jay to a broken boiler at home. Hopefully, he is being replaced with The Bouch(if he turns up).


I think I’ll go for that Thirsty Bear pub on the far left today. Not only is the Patron £7 a shot, but they don’t sell Guinness!!


The Thirsty Bear wasn’t open so I’ve ended up in a pub called The Mulberry Bush. It’s just around the corner from Southbank.


The Guv turned up for an hour or so. Once he was gone, I took The Bouch for a pint in The Thirsty Bear.

It was the right decision to check it out. Not only do they do a £10 burger, side and drink deal(I’ll be lunching there tomorrow), but they also have a couple of tables that have their own lager taps on them. You have to start a tab then it monitors how much you drink.

Nifty I thought.

Maybe for a non work day…….

The day was over, at that point, so I’m on the train home.

Health-wise, I’m feeling better than I have in months.

A month or so ago, I was sure I was close to the end. I had convinced myself I was riddled with cancer. To the point of where I could feel it. Worming it’s way through my organs and arteries. Filling me with affluence, bile and pus…………

I never went to the doctors so it could still be true.

Ignorance is bliss.

Album of Importance no.3

Another “coming of Age” album.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the Zeppelin album of all Zeppelin albums.

“I am a traveller of both time and space”