Going Gonzo – Adulting 101.

Friday, 20th March 2020.


Somewhere in Oxford.

The upside of this Covid-19 shit is, most of the cunt drivers are at home so we cruised in.

I am also hoping today will be easy. This week has been a bit of a drain.


Thank fuck! It’s almost lunchtime.


Fucking Burger King again(drive through)!

Anyway, we left about 2pm. Drove home. Bought a few supplies(alcohol, 1/2 ounce of pot and some chocolate).

Once at home I rang my parents, talked to my son, has a shower.

Adulting 101.

Who knows how the whole shit is going to pan out. It’s kinda boring. I like any excuse not to leave the house.

Another album I can’t live without. It’s the blues man! Honest.

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