Going Gonzo – 4 Days

Monday, 28th January 2019.


Money truly does make the world go round……….

Maybe not, but after 5 weeks of having none, this last 4 days is going to be intolerable.

I’ve still got one credit card supplier to ring and the taxman……..fuck it! There’s nothing I can do about it now. I’ll concentrate on work.


Lunchy time! It might be nippy but the sky is blue. And it’s bright. Fucking bright! Where’s my Raybans?

No editing needed.

Even after this short amount of time, I’m becoming conscious of gaining weight due to all the sitting.

It’s healthy apart from the dressing and the bread!


Remembering to buy bitter lemon was probably the best thing that happened today. I’m not saying the day was bad in any way. It was just dull.

As you are probably aware, I NEED TO RING THE TAXMAN. The problem is, I’ll be on hold for ages. Also, the taxman is a bit of a cunt.

I might just try and record the lyrics to a song that’s been bugging me for about a year. I finally wrote the last verse yesterday.

I’ll eat dinner and see how I feel.

I also have a new book to start, now I have finally finished Bad Vibes(I recommend).


I’m not quite there yet. I’m watching a little Spaced with Louis.

Father/Son bonding at it’s best!


I threw Louis out. There is only so much bonding that can be done on a Monday evening.

I’ve had a few trial runs through the lyrics. As suspected, I sound like a tone-deaf drug addict in the throws of a seizure.

I won’t judge myself too harshly. It’s been a while. Maybe a few more days rehearsal until I do final cut.

My only other defenses is, it’s a tough key to sing in.

D sharp.

It would also help if I could stop yawning………



Half an hour and I’m fucked.

This time of year really gets me down. Without everything else. It still gets me down. When the clocks change I’ll feel alive again. I always do. I’ll be full of madness and stupidity and, er…….spunk.

Oh, to be young.

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