Going Gonzo –

Monday, 7th June 2021.


Fucking Abingdon again!

Usual drive to High Wycombe to get the van this morning so, we had to leave pre 6am.

Tuesday, 9th June 2021.


We’ve just driven to the Gherkin. It took fucking ages. 20 minutes longer than Abingdon. You would never know I only lived 18 miles from London.


I can’t do thoughts and things whilst I’m driving.

I’m home. Did some crap miles but got the requirement done.

Shit Miles.

Jesus. London miles. Me and Louis have seen it all today.




More Wankers.

More Idiots.

Rich Cunts(or people who think they are better than everyone else).

No one is better or more entitled than anyone else. I don’t care what colour, religion or what your bank statement says!


Louis gets a couple of days off to go to college.

We are drinking very cold beer and watching Toast Of London.


Fuck this. Its therapeutic effectiveness is gone.

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