Diary Of Some Sort Of Life – Yawn.

Saturday, 8th April, 2017


As usual, technology has failed me. All of yesterday’s blog is lost. It’s probably for the best. It’s was quite miserable. There are a few photos:

From what I can remember, I went to work. Left London at 4pm. Took Carter to meet Mare at the Dive. We sat in the garden, and took the piss out of people and each other. That was about it. 

Anyway, forget all that. It’s Saturday morning. Yay! My fire pit BBQ turned up.

Oh wait. And this.



I’ve managed to put things on eBay. I’ve also constructed the fire pit. It’s all good. Of course, all the while getting slowly drunk.

The fire demon!


It turns out I was getting more drunk than I thought.


Sunday, 9th April, 2017


As you can imagine, the rest of yesterday is a bit blurry. I managed to watch upto episode 4 of Black Mirror, season 3. I feel well adjusted. 

I’ve been offered a flat, kind of, in Ashford. When I say, kind of, I’m on a short list. I’ll go and have a look at it. I’m kind of happy at Carter’s now. We’ll see.


We are now at The Old Red Lion. It’s warm. I’m happy about it.  Lots of Guinness. Peroni and shorts for the girls(Mare and Carter). 


We ordered some food and drank some more. That’s,  that really. All in all. A very normal weekend. I think I’m just distracted about money and the kids coming.

I’ve just been shortlisted for a flat top. I’m unsure whether I want it or not but you have to go through the process.

Leta just wait for something exciting to happen, shall we?