Diary Of Some Sort Of Life – Mini me’s Weekend.

Friday, 24th March, 2017.


Ok. Time to shut out everything. Concentrate on the boys. Try and think of something to do, with them. They are quite easy.


There is always time for a quick, contemplantive, pint.

 I actually  just had, a bit of, positive news. Possibilities of a new job. A proper job. With benefits and things. Crikey! It’s always when you least expect it. 

I’ll have one more pint. Soak it up with some food(now, that I can hold it down!), and think about the long journey to collect my spawn.

Truthfully, I was on my way out, but something made me chuckle so I decided to observe. Some old boy(at least 80), was complaining that his food hadn’t arrived. His receipt said he had ordered it 3 minutes ago!! 10/10 to the barmaid for the handling.


One very long drive later. We are all safe back at my parents. Shattered as usual. What can I say, it is a long drive. Hopefully everyone will chill out for a couple of hours. 


All done. Dinner, check. Pudding, check. I just need to find a nice movie for us all to watch. I asked my 9 year old and he said the “Purge” movies!!

Lol. Obviously, I said no!! I was thinking Smurfs or something. Tut. Shows what I know.


We settled on Hop. Phew!!!


And now we sleep. Well, they do. I’ll just sit about. Watch a bit of TV, etc….

Saturday, 25th March, 2017


I’m awake, and it’s horribly early for a Saturday. What a pain in the arse. The sun is up at least.


Just as I was about to fall back to sleep, my eldest got up! Typical. Oh well, I’m up now. I’m sure there will be a rest bite in the Turtle. 


Yay. We are in the Turtle. We had the usual browse around town. I seem to have ended up buying the boys mothers day card and present. She ain’t my mother! We also had lunch in Nostrano. 

I say lunch, it was more of a breakfast muffin. I got the best deal. Two long islands.


We are now in “The Dive”. Tradition dictates that we need to play pool with Godmother Mary. As much as it depresses me, it’s always a much brighter place when the boys are there.

Also, the Guinness.


We rounded off the day with pizza, and watched Sing.

It’s nice. I recommend. I then layed back and watched Jonathon Creek and drank Corona. This is generally, how I fall asleep. Allan Davies voice does it for me. I don’t know why?

Sunday, 26th March, 2017


We are currently sitting in a coffee shop. Me, the boys, Red and Godmother Mare. It’s next to a Pokemon Go gym apparently. We got up early-ish as Mare wanted to take the boys to McDonald’s Breakfast. It’s the only McDonald’s I’ll eat these days. Since Jamie Oliver stuck his oar in, and made them make everything taste like cardboard. Jesus Jamie! We knew it was bad for us, but that’s why it tasted soo good!


I’m gonna have to drive the boys right into Somerset. Makes it a 5-6 hour round trip. Oh the joys!


So. After 50,000 miles and endless A303, all I got out of it was the following:

This green and pleasant land.

A bunch of rocks that causes traffic jams.

And my new, favourite Sleaford Mods song:

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