Diary Of Some Sort Of Life – Brighton Weekend


And so it begins, Yet again, bleary eyed traveller. My usual Friday amble, before the storm.

A quick, “Have I forgotten anything?”……..No. I think I’m good.

“I’m not interested in originality…..I’m just interested in if it’s good or not.” – PW


Stuck in a world and pain and sheep!


I’m working in there today! I might as well just go home.


Crap. Someone had the key!


Testing is soo testing! I’ll have to think of something to amuse myself. 

I know, let’s keep it…


Now. You know what I’m going to say next? It’s almost 11 o’clock. It’s Friday. Friday fry-up and Guinness time. Lovely! 


It must be time for my obligatory photos. Bear with me.

There. Done. I feel better now. The weather has turned a bit sour but I can live with that. It adds to the occasion. I’m letting my excitement levels rise a bit. We are just having a quick team argument about when to go home.


We are still in debate about the time to go home. I might just leave in a minute. I’ll still end up on the 14.20 train, unless I squeeze onto the 13.58 but I doubt that.

Lots of pointing at schematics! 

And now a quick word from the greatest Bass player and drummer ever, if not band, in the world.

And just because it makes me feel young again:


And we are off! I love a good olde road sign!


And we are here. Good drive. No dramas. 

View from the balcony

Now to the Prince Albert to see my mates band and drink.


We managed to catch a little soundcheck action. I’m glad to see my mate, Kai. Sober and nervous.


After seeing  a few old friends and too many drinks, we continued to push the limits until the early hours. I’d like to say more but as you can imagine it’s a bit of blur.

I remember some meaningful conversations. I remember meeting some, lovely, new people. I remember getting back to the hotel to get, yet, another drink. 

I only wish that the decor was slightly more camp. That said, the 2 guys who seems to run the place were fantastic.

Saturday, 11th March, 2017


We woke up pretty early considering. Had the provided continental breakfast and started to feel alive again. Well, kind of.  With our  limited energy we are now sitting in a pub in the lanes. 

Molly Malone’s.


Much drinking. Many pubs. We also managed to go to the MOD clothes shop, Jump The Gun. absolutely filled with beautiful threads. None of which could afford and GAK. A very good musical instrument shop.

We are now whiling the afternoon away in The Mesmerist. Cool bar. For ponces like me.

Oh Janet! What did you do?

So. All in all, a beautiful, relaxing day after yesterday’s madness. 


Back at the hotel for a quick rest bite. We are gonna try and eat something and then spend the evening on the pier. It’s literally opposite our hotel!

Picture from the terrace:

I’m a spoilt bastard.


I always think I’m going to enjoy the pier. The walk through is always good.

And there is always something eye catching!(especially, for my eye!)

Then, the inevitable happens…… I walked into the bar on the pier. I forget what they call it. I’m immediately,plummeted, into a world I never want to see. Today or ever!

I took pictures of the only 2 things of interest. If I scanned down, it would have been too much.

Yep! It’s a pram, hanging from the ceiling. 


I recovered from this misery and retreated to the camp bar, of the hotel, and laughed and drank and enjoyed the masculinity of the transvestites. I’m not joking. They are way more masculine than I am. I suppose, the more you try to hide it……….?

Sunday, 12th March, 2017


Slept well, but missed breakfast. I hate that. The immediate search for coffee was afoot and luckily ended quickly.

Not that I’m a fan of chain-store anything but, thank god for Costa!(fuck Starbucks).


A note from yesterday. When you take your, lovely, crimson haired, friend with you, on one of your escapades. Ensure she wears appropriate footwear, that doesn’t involve her nearly falling over in more than one occasion. Yes, it might of been the booze, or the drugs? Rule one: keep up. Don’t be a liablility.



We arrived at the vintage fair, at the Dome. First off, my suggestion of replacement footwear had mixed reviews:

I thought they were cool, practical and sturdy.

After a good browse, a consideration pint, and return. I bought a replacement bowler hat to deal with my, ongoing, midlife crisis of replacing lost childhood artifacts. I bought red, a 1950’s nightdress. It was worth it for the happiness it gave alone.

*nightdress not pictured for legal reasons.

It illustrate, said, childhood replacement purchase. I will submit following photo.

Note: Please remember. It was the early 90’s. The amount of LSD I was taking at the time accounts for the outfit. It wasn’t fancy dress. That’s how I walked the streets.


After a gently stroll back to the hotel(pub, pub,pub yet another old English pub!), we managed to get our,  pre-arranged, reservation early(should have been 15.30!). Roast dinner, here we come! 

It is Sunday, and we haven’t really eaten properly in 2 days.

After, you guessed it, drinks. My starter arrived. I had the pate. Superb. Red had the calamari. I have just asked what she thought. She said, “much needed”, “Er..lovely”, “exquisite!”. Then she coughed up the dictionary.


The downside of being in a, shall we say, predominately gay restaurant. Finally, they stopped ignoring us and we got our roast(no pun intended).

Consensus. Fantastic! 

Due to shrunken stomach’s and alcohol consumption. We declined pudding (turns out, big mistake! Really hungry later.)


After a level of recovery. We decided that an evening of the bar was the best plan. So, I watched an episode of Miss Marple, with James Fox, Ruth Jones and Gavin Horne. Then we drank.

With daffodils

Obligatory, campness!

And disturbingly, lower class, alcohol promotions.


Monday, 13th March, 2017


Morning has broken……….ahhh, fuck it! Morning.

Typically, on the day we have to leave, the weather is fine.

I’m asking the best of it by smoking cigarettes.

And wearing obligatory Raybans!

Due to the early rise, we managed breakfast. We could have asked for a full English but I ate my weight in croissants and drank 15 cups of coffee, so I was happy. 


Time to drive homeward. We still had today.


About halfway home, I decided that it wasn’t over yet. I still couldn’t taste alcohol in my tears so suggested, you guessed it, 2 for 1’s at the Turtle.

Sometimes, life is great.( It’s a rare thing for me to say!).

 After a level of low level shopping, we decided to eat. We still had the longing for breakfast, so even though it was afternoon, we had it!

I forgot to take a picture of the breakfast, as I ate it too fast. Sorry. These are pictures of the place we ate it.


I’m in conclusion………..
I don’t have one, actually. I’ve had much fun. Cheers Kai. Keegan and Maria. George. Carter. Of course, Carter. I’ve learnt so much……

I’ve learnt nothing. I had fun. I’ll probably do it again soon. I’m like that. I’m just trying to fill the gaps. Give it a meaning. 

Work tomorrow but it’s Walking Dead night!

PS. I scored some new pens! Xxx

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