Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #9

Friday, 24th February, 2017


Wwwwweeeee!! A mission has been devised. Whether it comes to fruition, or not? The day can only tell. The magic 8-ball says, undecided. It’s in the hands of the gods. 

The colour of the sky is a good omen, but first the daily slog must be dealt with. Along with the Friday  breakfast ritual. Any day I get to have a pint of Guinness at 11am, is a good day.


Anger? You have no idea. Coursing, evil, boiling steam through every essence of my being. Why? Fuck you. You really think I need a reason? Being alive. Good enough? I’m telling you it’s good enough. Understand? Have you got me? Good. Now shut the fuck up!

Hold me tight. Taste these tears.


I knew I had something on this morning. Termination of the 50 pair voice cable. It’s a dying art. No ones runs voice cables anymore. It scares the “notice” data engineer. 


Getting messed up in appropriate fashion takes a lot of work and planning. I don’t think people get that. Going at it, with a half arsed attitude, gets you nowhere. Plans are set. Acquisitions have been made. I still haven’t found out who is playing down the Riverside Club but I have the feeling, by the time we arrive, I won’t matter if it’s some fella playing spoons.


And there she is……..

Liquid blackness, like my soul. Ha!


Now I’ve tasted it, I can’t wait for the afternoon to skip by. Liquid transition. A few cigarettes. Then flight. 


Acquisition no.2, which was a backup plan, has now come to fruition(word of the day!). Now there might beat little running around to be done. I’m not complaining. Let the good times roll.


Tick Tock Tick Tock. Smoke a fag and put it out. Check the watch again. Come on!

And I’ll cry if I want to.

I knew it would drag. I got too excited. What a dick!


Ok. Quick calculations. Earliest possible arrival in Town: 17:30.

Deadline for 2 for 1 cocktails:19.00.

I sense some double ordering will be required plus a bumper order at 18.55.

It’s great having something to look forward to. Even if, in the eyes of some, it’s a waste of life, money, time, etc…

All I would say to those people is……, well, you know! The first for word begins with “F”……………..!

Now a little time to idle away on the train.


Better. Showered,and shaved. All ready.  Now let’s uber!


Aaaannnndddddd…… We are in. I’m drinking. The world has righted itself. Gentle reggae, Coming lights, and of course…

Mines the long. Lets see how many we can squeeze in before seven. It’s a bit rude not to be drinking rum in such a place but they have rum in them. Whilst ordering my Scarlet companion, what’s app’d this:


Excellent. Things are moving along swiftly. Set 3. The barman I tipped a tenner last time is happy to resupply with a nod. Turns out, the music at the Riverside club is bluegrass. I’ll reserve judgement.


Yes. We squeezed many more in. As a final encore before prices rise:


Definitely on the brink now. True, full now, teeth grinding, wanna smoke like a madman, twatted.

Yep. Twatted. Boob pics mean that, definitely. Especially, being allowed to do them. Yay me!


Proper jammin’


I like my evenings to turn out as weird as possible. I manged to get a local to put me forward for a membership. I’ve always wanted to be a member of a club. Especially, one that is 5 minutes from my house. It’s not just about the cheap booze(???). They also have a very relaxed jamming session twice a month. Blues, bluegrass, folk, etc…. 


I’m feeling it. It might be the 10 long islands and 4 coronas and the narcotics but, hey!, Lets go with it shall we?


Not as exciting as you were expecting? I be left bits out to protect the innocent. Or those who don’t want to be as candid as me but are part of world. I’ve had a good one. Well worth the wait. It will continue past the the end of this day. I’ll post again in tomorrow’s post. 

I love you all really. But never expect me to change. I spent so many years being expected to change. Love me for what/who I am. I not gonna change. I have many friends who love me for, what can I say, me… 

Last song. For Kai xxx

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