Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #7

Wednesday, 22nd February, 2017


Got up late. Shouldn’t have stayed up watching X-Files! I know. Weird. I just saw it there and started watching. Anyway, so now I’m standing on the train as there no seats. Fuck. I still think I got a lot of sleep but shattered. The big catch up! Like jet lag. Apart from swapping my amp for another and running through a couple of songs, I found no inspiration. It’s all gone. 

No lust for life.

Life? What a joke.


City line is closed. A blessing I think. My mood plummeted a bit. Cold light of day stuff. Time to walk. Think. Not that, that ever helps me.

Looks so tempting. All washed away…….


Decided to carry on to work. Dunno why. Seemed like a good idea. Now we have to have the discussion about what we’d do if we won the lottery. Fucks sake. I said, I’d have them all killed by a professional. It went down well. 

Fan Fucking tactic.

In rod we trust!


One crap lunch later. Pfft. I’m still annoyed I didn’t get my rain yesterday. I was really looking forward to it. Oh well. Let’s have a little poetry.


By Charles Bukowski

I think I’ve gone slightly mad……..must be the drugs.


Sometimes, special tools are required to be manufactured.


He served us well and now his time has come to pass.

(just in case you were wondering, I run data cables!)


Even with the city line not running, I’ve manged to get on the 15.20 Reading train. Early enough to have my pick of seats. Feeling better so I just made a purchase enquiry, wink! The weekend is coming and mischief is,  after all, the only thing currently worth living for.

Relevance? Unsure. It just popped in there.


I am happy and proud to say I was at this gig at The Old Trout, Windsor. Both bands were excellent.


I got my buxom, scarlet haired, friend to do some important shopping. I’m resupplied.

At this point, initial feelers have reaped some possibilities for the weekend. I’m pleased with my effort. If only I could put the same in to other areas of my life. 


I have just been described as “giddy”. Hhmm. It’s a first. I’m not that sort of bloke. Miserable? Yes. Dower? Yes. Suicidal? Pretty much. 

I don’t feel giddy. Maybe I had too much junk food. I definitely had too much junk food. I kind of feel, Er…, alright, I suppose. Fuck it. I’ll be as miserable, as usual, tomorrow. 

Ok! I’ll cheer myself up with this picture, my friend, Jason sent me. I look quite, err…, like a prat,….a dick.(secretly, I like it!)



Interesting research. Another few good Android TV apps to check out.

terrarium tv


Check them. I’m pleased.


Don’t judge me.   I’m Watching Footloose. Obviously, the original one. Everyone loves “The Bacon” right?

I feel 12 years old.


After some thought, Consideration. I have this to say:

Percy Bysshe Shelley.


Now watching Ted 2. Quite fucked. Yawn.

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