Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #5

Monday, 20th February, 2017


Pretty much got that out of my system. The cost is yet to be seen. Time to crack on I suppose. I haven’t gone to work though. No work no money but it’s not everything. Today definitely isn’t a day for planning but is the start of something new. 


Gently dozing. The sun shining through the window on my face. Nice. The fog of last night’s madness still heavy in my brain. It’ll clear. It always does.


I have just woken up. Crikey! Lazy bum. I must have needed it. I’ve finished installing my TV stuff. An excellent new app for Android. Live net TV. live net tv. Check it out!


Back to the toil tomorrow. I think my best plan is to quietly work my way through the week. I’ll have a few quiet weekends before going to Brighton, which should be fun.


I’m still feeling blue so I have moved to phase 2.

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