Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #29

Monday, 24th April, 2017


I’m really not putting effort in this morning. I’m still in Staines, waiting for the train. I should still get to BFI by 9ish. It’ll be fine.

The train is slightly stacked, but I’m sitting. That’s the important thing. I have coffee.


It’s just more, my kind of place, Tottenham Court. Really, just because of observations.

Things written on walls always amuse me.


The sky is looking a bit moody but I did eye a couple of wannabe hipsters, smoking a spliff. One was so fucked, he was levitating!


I must say, Centre point is looking a bit ropey. 

I thought they were revamping it? I’m on my way home already. Life of Riley, or what! I have confirmed with my ex, that the kids are definitely going home tomorrow. I’ve got used to them being around again. I’ll miss them.

I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed for flat I’ve bid on. This one, is in such an perfect location, it would be a dream come true. And more regular child access.


I had nothing else to say yesterday. I didn’t get an option, on any flats. Another week until I can bid on anymore, so u was pissed off. Life goes on.

It has no relevance to what I was saying. I just liked it.


I’ve taken  the day off to as my boys are going home today. They are still going to their Nans but I need to sort their stuff out.


Aahh. Now that’s the Ex I know! 

In her world, a flight is delayed for a bit. She has to stay another week! This isn’t the first time I’ve had the kids and this has happened. Pretty much everytime, really. For those who don’t know. She threw me out. Best thing she ever did, really. I would have stayed for the kids and suffered her. Awful, selfish bastard. Who thinks everyone owes her something.

Wednesday, 26th April, 2017.


After a lot of threatening texts and nastiness from the ex, I called called the airline. Her flight was rescheduled for today and she was given a hotel for the night!! 

I think she was taking advantage of the situation to get extra time there. Anyway, I confirmed she got on plane. 


I’m so anxious my heart is pounding in my brain. Distraction is needed.

Thursday, 27th April, 2017.


It was awkward. That’s all I can say really. She wanted to come in for a cup of tea before the journey back to Somerset. Carter was in, so introductions were made. Anyway, the kids are safely home so normal service is resumed. Apart from the fact I’m working a double day tomorrow and working Saturday. I’m feeling very ropey as I had a mini celebration yesterday. 


I’m still not feeling any better but I just realised I didn’t eat yesterday. I’m sure that doesn’t help. I feel old.

I had tuna pasta and a bacon sandwich. I now feel really tired. I could do with a nap.


Well, well! It turned out to be quite an eventful day. My ex was decided to pursue her idea, of me having the children full time. I am happy to do this. I have never agreed with her holistic, ponsey, home schooling attitude towards them. It will mean I can get them into a proper school, get somewhere for us to live and give them a vague chance at normality. My elder son, who is 12, I think, will adapt easy. The younger, who is 10, might find it a bit tougher but I’m their dad, and I’ll do what it takes. I’ve had this before though, so until I see some sort of proof it is happening, I won’t hold my breath.