Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #26


What a fuckhole! I was enjoying myself so much, I’d forgotten I had to work for a living. Oh well, crack on then! 


Howlovely and peaceful it is working alone. Truthfully, I prefer it. Too many chefs, and all that!

I’m sitting in a very new looking office, mounting wireless access to the ceiling.

The excitement is almost too much! 

We are going bowling tonight, and I have just the shirt, for such an occasion………. Ooooo, and just the video:


The perfect time to be travelling home. The boss is on holiday this week, and as I said, I’m working alone, I’ll make the fucking hours!! Highlight of the day was winning another Gabicci polo shirt on EBay. I’m Lovin’ the the Gabeech!!

I’m also eyeing a pale blue Gabicci bomber jacket.

Remember. It’s the little things that keep the darkness away. Talking of that. This has to be the longest stint I’ve had, in a long time. I’ve been keeping that little, twisted bastard under wraps for a good while. It’s amazing what a little sun and vast quantities of alcohol can do. 


Replacement Patron bought. I was on the cusp.

I’ve finally removed the wire off my face. I feel like a boy again.  I have a desire to steal bowling shoes this evening, depending on quality, obviously. I’ll have to stop at parents to grab crap shoes for the transition. Sneaky!


Now, we are ready to bowl!

Just a little time left for some Bill Hicks, before we leave.

Cheers Bill. I feel better now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m drunk everyday but I also believe most drugs should be legal. That said, of all my heroes. There is only one true one.

I wish I owed that shirt. A God. A true god amongst fiends. Let the freak flag fly, until death.


A couple of games later, we were so shattered that we ended up having drive through Burger King. Not my choice but kept the kids happy.

Wednesday, 19th April, 2017.


Ha! First World Problems. I’ve just spent 40 minutes listening to one side of a conversation, between an early 30 something and her friend. From what I could make out, after spending over £700 on a three day weekend away each, do they make sandwiches or spend an extra tenner a day to save time? I understand that extra £30 each could be the difference between life and death, but the fact they still hadn’t resolved the issue after 40 minutes??!!?? Oh, to be young, rich and completely retarded. I miss those days.

Another observation. Buy a cheaper sandwich!!


Another wonderful day in Bank. How many times have I said I’ll be moving on to another job soon? I’m still Fucking here!

It looks quite sunny over there though. I seem to be in a shadow. Tut!(yes. I was about to buy a cappuccino though!)


Got bored. Went to the pub. I know it’s only Wednesday but had a fry up anyway, and Guinness of course. For excitement, I sat in a different location.


This is the face of a man who missed his train due to idiot, German tourists getting in the Fucking way and not walking in a straight line.

I’ll have to amuse myself by laughing at their tragic dress sense.

A few HST moments for you.


I love getting home and having a delivery of……………..

You guessed it, PATRON!!!!!

Thursday, 20th April, 2017


I haven’t had one of these in a while. Can’t sleep. I don’t feel right. Cold air hurting my nose and my eye feels gunky. That’s not it though. I don’t know what it is. ????¿??