Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #24

Monday, 10th April, 2017


Skinter than skint can be. Four days until the children arrive for a 10 day stay. Worse than that, I have that, I’ve forgotten something, feeling. Probably my brain. 


Providing we have constant work for the next 2-3 weeks, the world will right itself. 


Very tiring day at work.


What are the odds of me, getting home and, actually achieving what I’ve planned all day?

1. Fill out flat information form and sending it.

2. Putting up the blind I was supposed to put up 5 months ago.

I’d go even money at this point. I would also like to make a packed lunch for tomorrow and cook a steak for my supper.

I’m also glad to report that, as of next Tuesday, we are starting a new project for Smug, on Regents Street. Blessed release from the hell of the Bank project.


I’m happy to say, I’ve achieved both goals! Also, having missed a lot of TV over the last few years, I’ve been catching up with a few of my favourite things on youtube. I have to say, this episode of the Graham Norton Show, nearly stopped me breathing!!

Please watch it. Absolutely, the reason TV exists.


It all went downhill from there.

Tuesday, 11th April, 2017.


Shite. It’s all Shite. That’s my thought this morning. It was one phrase, from my life before. That’s all it took. A whirlwind of memory, that takes you to a place, that you never wanted to visit again.


I trudged through it. The day, that is.  I’ve cheered myself up, a bit, by getting some 12 volt lamp drivers from work. I’m going to make some lamps out of my endless supply of Patron bottles. 

Wednesday, 12th April, 2017


On it rolls. I’ve finally got a little money, which makes things better. It’s still going to be a long drag to get back to the right place. 


I’ve just had 2 eggy bacon rolls. I’m also having eggy in a basket for tea. Eggtastic!


One more day until 4 days off. My boys are arriving at 10.30 on Friday morning.


Popped down “The Dive” for a couple to meet up with Mare for the usual, mad conversations. I can never really remember what we talk about but we do a lot of cackling.

Thursday, 13th April, 2017


I had one of those amazingly real dreams last night. I was laying in bed with just the TV on. Eva Green was laying next to me, telling me about her day. There was some sex involved. 

As you can imagine. This morning is a bit of a disappointment.


Due to the bank holiday tomorrow, Thursday is substituted in as Friday. Which means only one thing.

Boomshanka! It was worth it.


That’s that then. Even though it’s only been a 4 day week, it’s felt long. Looking back over the blog, also excessively boring!