Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #23

Wednesday, 5th April, 2017


I’ve lost my flippin’ hat somewhere! Probably, in the Dive. Tut. I’ll check later, but for the meantime, I feel naked.

My left eye still looks a bit manky and my ear is still weird. Apart from that, I managed to shave. 

At least, I’m not going to Bank. Canary Wharf today. So called, because of the 30 foot high canaries, they house there, in giant platinum cages.


So. Here we are. I’ve drunk Nero’s. Fought off giant canaries. We are on the 25th floor. 

This is one of the main reasons I do my job!

If the windows opened,avoiding the temptation to drop things on people’s heads and make paper aeroplanes, would be immense.


Time for a little breaky-pops. Get outside. Before I start suffering from “possible towering inferno syndrome”. Being scum, we are not allowed to travel in the proper lifts. Just the service lifts. There is always something to amuse though.



Almost done here. Providing I don’t need to go off to another job, I may have a little Drinky before getting on the train.


I couldn’t be arsed to have a drink. I’ll have one in the Slug, when I get back. I have a desire for a margarita…….and to smoke some crack!


Two things went very, very wrong. Number one, I didn’t get any crack and number two, I went to the Slug to find that they have taken margaritas off the menu and everything else I wanted they didn’t have the ingredients for! I mean, for fucks sake. A margarita is a classic cocktail. How can you claim to sell cocktails without selling some variation of this? This is the second time I’ve been there when they have rum out of ingredients. Never, ever again…….until I forget, and go again.

I’m now at Limeyard. Awaiting a frozen margarita.


I got the margarita. It’s quite nice but I think I’ll have to go to Tgi’s to completely quench my margarita thirst.


I think I have now quenched that desire. After 5 or 6 brain freezes.


The day just gets better and better. I’m now watching a programme on channel 5 about restless leg syndrome. I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s a real problem. I just wish I could stop pissing myself laughing!

I think it’s the way they’ve approached it.


I just messed about with my you tube channel. I dunno why. Its stupid. Anyhoo. This made me chuckle some.

Urgent news! Mare has my hat! Thank the gods!!!

Thursday, 6th April, 2017


The hat is securely in the giant, bulbous head. Everyone relax.

I need to sort a lot out this weekend. I’ll have my boys from the 13th for 10 days. Lots of ebaying, organising, etc…

Real life, right!?…what a pain in the arse.


I have a creeping suspicion. I’ve been upbeat for a little while now. The darkness is always lurking, but I just had my first sense of it. sneaking about, in the background.


I’ve manged to shake that feeling, for now. I’m gonna concentrate on making money for a while…….as much as I can.

Here’s a couple of Randoms.


Aawwww man!! I hate being stuck inside when the weathers nice. Fuck it. It’s all money. At least my baldy head is safe.


It turned out to be a weird afternoon. At first, there was no work for me tomorrow. Then, there was. Then Mare said, “let’s go for a drink”. I said, “no.” ???. I must be ill!

I came home, and sorted out my You Tube channel.

I wouldn’t get too excited. I made a new banner.

With that said, I am about to show you, the best round off to any blog, ever. Prior to my usual, weekender.