Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #22

Monday, 3rd April, 2017


I haven’t gone to work today. I have a manky eye. (conjunctivitis). 

The only observations I can make are, I need a shave and my ear looks weird. I’ll still try and get some unpacking done.


Cool. I’ve managed to sneak my, newly acquired, Bass amps and pa speakers into my dads garage. He’ll never know. He’s just had his cataracts lasered. Taking advantage of the infirmed is what I do. I stopped at the off license, got a box of Corona, so the rest of the day is set.


Red is dying her hair blonde again soon, so, I will now refer to her as “Carter”.

Carter has gone to work. Stupidly, leaving me to my own devices. When I say, devices, I mean, Corona and Patron!

I only got it yesterday. It’s just soo smooth! Also, a little you tube wandering I think.

I’m going to have a steak for dinner. Bloody as fuck!

You’ve got to love that!


Come on. I had salad with it! It’s good this, being able to use a kitchen again. That’s the problem when your dads Italian, and retired from the catering business. The minute he heard me in the kitchen, at his house, he’d be in there, sticking his oar in.


Drunk now. Wait for Carter to get. Watch Walking Dead Season finale. Pass out.
Tuesday, 4th April, 2017


Mick Talbot and Paul Weller.

Back to work, as electrician again. Easy work. No dramas. What will today bring me, I wonder?……fuck all, probably. I’ve had a full response from the hags, about my suggestion to sample the wares at Limeyard. It’s a new, Californian style, restaurant. All in I know is, 5-7pm is 2 for 1 cocktails and they have frozen Margaritas. How “Californian” it is, I don’t know, but if they don’t offer me, at least, six different choices of bread, I’ll have to comment. 


Eggy Bacon’s for lunch. And the obligatory Ribena! So Fucking dreary.

Jesus! Pin striped banker! I’ve got more money than that!!

On the upside, I am going to Canary Wharf tomorrow. Not that it’s exciting. It’s just a change. Different stuff to take pictures of.


Snapseed boredom.


Woohoo! Another day done. Another day to, what I like to call, “The endless sleep, with no alarms.”

Ooooo. Excellent. I get to quote, one of my favourite lines:

“The sky is beginning to bruise, and we might be forced to camp!”……There, I’m happy now.


Home now.  I had a couple of pints in the Dive. Carter met me. I bought her a drink. I’m nice like that. Sadly,  now watching, Couples Come Dine With Me. I hate people. Especially these people. If I could find a link to this episode I would put it on. All I can say is, this woman sickens me! Also, her name is Jo!!!!!!(ex’s name).


That was awful. They didn’t win. Thank god! Where do they live? And where’s my big Fuckin’ hammer? 

Like anything in my blessed life. I’m now awaiting the completion of Carter’s home made soup.

This is my smelling face:


All I can say is, it was fucking fantastic! Soup is good. Plus, I turned in the TV, and  The Godfather was on.

The reason, my youngest is called Sonny.

Had the opportunity arisen, Deckard.

Had, I had a daughter. Monica.

…..ok. Enough of that now.

OK. I’ll finish this, with the best method,ad lib, of all time.