Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #21

Thursday, 30th March, 2017


I feel a little nervous about the decision but I suppose it’s just to do with taking my life back. Being responsible for it. Owning it. It would be quicker, to achieve my goals, to stay at my parents but I can’t function there. I can’t get motivated. I’m lucky to have such a good friend who allows me this chance.


It’s amazing how thought provoking such a change in stance is. It’s about acceptance, I suppose. Accepting that, once the rose tinted glasses are off, it’s not gonna be exactly how you want it. After my years, never having it my way, I thought I could have it. Not yet, it appears. Not yet, but I can have the best of what I have. Build it from there. 

Oohh, exciting!:


Another dull day in paradise. I was hoping something amazing might happen. Not yet, anyway. 


People have asked me about my relationship with Red. All I can say is, friends with many benefits. She is also one of the kindest, funniest and most silly people I know. Which helps a lot. I can pretty much say anything to her, no matter how dark or weird.


That’s, that done then. I’ve been doing electrical work today. It’s pretty much the same as what I normally do. A slightly longer day, but hey! You can’t have it all. I have to say, as the day wears on, I’m now really looking forward to “normal life” again. Choosing dinner time. Not answering to anyone. Being able to use a kitchen, etc…. All the things regular folk take for granted. Sometimes, people say to me, I have it made. Like being a teenager again, being at home with parents. All I can say is,….. The grass always seems greener! I think you have just forgotten how awful it is.

Friday, 32st March, 2017

Hopefully, that was the last time I have to endure, teatime with mummy and daddy. If you, happen to be lucky enough to get on with your parents, own that shit! 

Anyway, looking the perfect thing to sum up mine and Red’s “relationship”, this came about. This is the sort of thing we would facebook each other. ‘Nuff said.


I’m at Waterloo.Very early. A bit of social observation me thinks.

The essence of life, encapsulated, in one giant arena. A portal for all the lost souls, all hoping that today will be a better day. I should know. I’m one of them.


Friday fry up done. Yawn.


Excellentos!! On the city line. The week is recovering. I have secured some work for Sunday. That will make up for lost money at the beginning of the week. Next week is sorted, and hopefully, back to normal the week after. Just in time for the bank holiday and the kids coming to stay for 10 days. Apart from that, I’m sure the next few weeks will be filled with moving, Reorganising, etc…

Saturday, 1st April, 2017


I’m officially not living at my parents anymore. Thank god! I could have done without, the hour long, call from my ex this morning. Stop thinking that children should grow up like we did. They can’t, different world!


Lots of spacing making later. We have decided to go and try new cocktails, in the new Californian restaurant in town.

Ooohhh look! Weepy Willow.

 It won’t feel like home until I have, at least, 3 acoustic guitars in place. This will be remedied between now and cocktails……. Maybe one electric!


No 2 for 1 until 5pm!! They won’t last in Staines. No way! I retreated to the faithful Turtle. It’s a bit busier than usual. I’m gonna take credit for its promotion. 

Trust me. This is busy, for this time of day!


I’ve had 4 longs now. 2 more and I’m done. 


Strange things happen sometimes. There’s me. Sitting in the Turtle, looking at facebook. My old friend, Dakin, need to dump a whole load of music equipment before he goes away for a few months. Long story, short. I have acquired a load of Bass amps, pedal and other cool gear. I also got to catch up with my old friend. Even though, not all news was good. I was glad to see him. Safe travels, my friend. Physically and mentally.

Sunday, 2nd April, 2017


Here comes the regret of, agreeing to, working on a Sunday. Pfft. It’s way too nice a day, and I’ve quite a lot on with moving and finding somewhere to store all this new gear.oh well. Money is money.

At least it not in Bank. Tottenham Court Road, Yay!


I just want coffee. Quickly!


Easy money. Almost home. A few chores to do then I Can kick back and enjoy the rest of Sunday. A little music, a couple of Coronas, a little Patron and,  of course, roasty din-dins.


I’m absolutely fucked. And I’ve got conjunctivitis. Time to end this week and move on.