Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #20

“Sometimes, mediocrity punctuates the insanity, but it’s still a valid truth.” -MP

Monday, 27th March,2017


No work on a Monday. Yay!?…..no. After 2 days off, last week, I need the money. Sshh. Positive. Positive!

Even though I had a very quiet weekend with the boys, I still managed to cram in a little debauchment. I finally went to sleep at about 06:00.  

I have to say, it’s probably time to slow it down for a bit. Third or forth week in a row. Apart from the money aspect and neglect of plans………..my nose hurts! 


On the road to recovery. I’ve eaten, relaxed, killed French in Assassins Creed Unity, and now it’s time for the regular date of………The Walking Dead. I’m a big fan of Negan. I’m very happy they chose Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play him.

Tuesday, 28th March, 2017


Back on the humdrum. Feel ill. Train delayed. I’ll have to do the fake promise to myself, about getting some more sleep tonight. Christ! Disruption at Egham level crossing,  they say? Probably a leaf on the track! 

So, as you can imagine, I’m standing. This does not enhance my mood.


Everything feels like a movie today. Not in a good way.  More in a “David Cronenberg” kind of way. Where, you know, that no matter how hard the hero tries to survive, he’s going to succumb to the horror, in the end. As usual, my phone knows this, and is shuffling all the “right” songs.


That’s better.

And then Mr. E nails it!


Finally arriving at Bank. Fucking late. Fucking annoyed, just “fuck!”, in general.


It just gets better and better. End of project moodiness. I’m kind of perplexed. I’m constantly told I’m self employed, so when the guy you’re working for says, he can’t afford any more days to finish it. Surely the answer is, it won’t get finished then?


Crap lunch. Nice cigarette.

 I have 20 minutes to burn, so the question is coffee or Guinness? We know what the right choice is but my liver had been screaming at me for rest.


Alcoholism:1 Liver:0

It’s the boredom, I guess. The shear, sick and tiredness of everything.


Oh well. It’s done. Now it’s time to do the reverse journey. Suffering from a horrible narcotic come down. Some people are just revolting. I don’t mean physically(well, some!), I mean their manners and attitude. There is nothing I enjoy more than my own hypocrisy. Ha!………Fuckers!!!



Due to the genuine fear, I had, that I might have to take someone down, in a postal kinda way, I had to watch the following two items.


After collecting my, forgotten, beer from Red’s. I came home. Drank some. Smoke some. Had dinner, then went and had a couple of pints with Mare. Usual, everyday stuff. 

Wednesday, 29th March, 2017


I definitely went to sleep quite early, for me. I feel worse now. Much worse. 


I had a, weird, semi-sleep on the train. As you can imagine, I now feel, a thousand times worse. It will probably take the rest of the week to feel normal. Why is it, that, during my travel to work, I can make such solid plans. Resolve myself to committing, but by the end of every day, end up, back in the same rut?


Random photo, found on phone time.

I think it’s a bit if the ceiling mural at The Steeles pub, Camden.


I’m on the train home already. As much as this is a bonus, I have found out we have no work tomorrow. This is becoming dire. Funds were already already low. 

Thursday, 30th March, 2017


Interesting decisions have been made. After all of yesterday’s annoyances.

1. No work

2. My dad feeling the need to talk to me like I’m 12.

3. General realisation that I can’t make my own decisions without someone else interfering. 

The decision is, I’m going to move back into Reds house until I have secured a new job and am able to move out on my own. We have done this before but this time we will declare I live there and I will pay my way.

With that, let’s move on…..