Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #2

Friday, 17th february, 2017


Christ! I hate running at the best of times, but first thing, for the train. I feel sick.  At least I got a seat. Otherwise, I’m paying £17 to stand up! On the upside, I’ve been paid so I’ll quickly pay my child maintenance to that bitch, I mean, ex-wife. I’m having my sons this weekend so I better remind myself of the pick up journey length…….one hour and fifty two minutes! I’ll add on twenty minutes as traffic will be worse then.

So, thinking about it. With train travel, I’ll be in transit for around six hours today. Ooohhh goody!

Best to think about something else.

Headphones on. And play. First song up isn’t going to improve my mood. Too many attached memories. Go with it anyway.


Gotta have a cigarette before getting on that tube today. Maybe coffee.


How tall is this fella? I’m 5’11”. I feel like a midget.


I have picked up a little extra cash work, sitting at the tea table at work. Remove windows 10 from laptop and install windows 7. A couple of kodi installs.

Everyone hates windows 10. I get asked a lot to put laptops back to the last, normal, windows operating system. People hate embracing the new, I suppose.


Someone has just reminded me its Friday. Which means one thing! FRIDAY FRY UP AND A PINT OF GUINNESS. I feel slightly happier at the prospect.

I feel no guilt. 


It’s ordered and I’m waiting. Stomach rumbling in anticipation. 

Sadly, a bit early for this though:

She’s obviously not happy about it either(⌒o⌒).

Better. Much better. All the years I’ve been having Friday fry ups, it wasn’t until I discovered drinking Guinness with it, helped digestion and topped off the sheer gluteny.


Here it comes. Thoughtful. Depressed. Lonely,  surrounded by many. I hate it.

This is what makes me feel weak as a human. The inability to control these feelings. Selfish, self absorbed, 44 year old, man child.


Man up! One hour of train. Four hours of driving. Punctuated by seeing my boys. It’s not really my ideal but I’m self employed. I have to work, so I see my boys when I can. 

At least driving is thinking time. Music time. Alone time. Be positive. Make the most of it.

Seeing that glowing fireball in the sky helps though. There’s a name for it, eeerrr??….that’s it, the sun. It’s been so long since I’d seen it, I’d forgotten it’s name.


Sitting in the traffic on the 303. Non highlight photos:





That is one hell of a round trip. I’m absolutely shattered. Got the boys back safe with minimal involvement with ex. I’d like to ramble on but I just can’t. I have 3 bottles of Corona. ’nuff said. Now I’ve enough time left to talk to my angel before utter collapse.

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