Diary of Some Sort Of Life #17


“I’ve been very, very naughty. Let me entertain you with a few bird impressions.” – Viv Stanshall. Sir Henry at Rawlinson End.

One: I couldn’t be bothered to get up this morning, so I’ve only just got on the train. 

Two: I’ve had a slapped wrist for a shoddy effort in my last blog(#16). Spelling, incoherence, etc…..

I read it back. Fair comment. Apologies. I will try harder.

Sssooo, here we are. Mundane Monday. The benefits of travelling this late are, Errr…., choice of seats. It’s the little things!

I’d better pull myself together this week. I have my boys, at the weekend, so I need to play the part of an adult. 

“Can he do that?”, I hear you ask . Meh, it’s like riding a bike, innit. You fall off a lot, and there can be, a lot of blood and grazing!


As you know, I like a good whinge. So, for me to find someone who, I think, is worse is a hard task. Amazingly, there is someone who meets this criteria. 

Much to my amusement, he was beaten up last night, probably for Whinging. Cruel? Yes I am. I never said I was perfect. Today is turning out alright, so far!


Much coffee and cigarette smoking later, I am now at work. That doesn’t mean I’m, actually, going to do some. I’m just here. The only real thing on my mind is, where’s my Patron?


The world has righted itself, yet again!

I might have to go home now? No Mark! You can wait, you stupid alcoholic fool!


Due to my lateness, I’ve had to agree to buying the team Costa. I’ll charge for a whole day now, to recoup the cost.

There is a cost to everything in life, it appears. In this case, ten quid!


“Watch out for that first step. It’s a doozey!” – Ned Ryerson, Groundhog Day.

That’s done with then. Bloody Monday’s! Time to enjoy the rest of the day. How shall we proceed, Hhmmm? Obviously, Patron. 


Everything seems to have a rosey hue today!


All good things have to come to and end, and on a day that seemed so harmless, it’s now ending with me filled with anger. I’ll just sit in my room and pine shall I?

Yep. Already, I can see that slippery slope just in front of me. No sure footing. Everything has a cost. Whether it’s for happiness or pain, a cost remains.

Aahh fuck.

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