Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #16

Tuesday, 14th March, 2017


Crap! Real life again. What a bummer! I’ll get back to my music mission later then. Also, it’s Cheltenham this week. And, Friday, St. Pads day at one of the hags houses. Plus it’s Tuesday already.

Just listing the positives.


And there it goes..life. Moving on as usual. Nothing, in perticular, to stimulate the mind.

I’m so bored of working in bank now. I wish this project was over. I’m not really used to being in the same place for this amount of time. We started here last November. Most jobs we do are a couple of months Max, with a couple of day returns. I’m feeling restless.


I really can’t wait for today to be over. It just seems to be lasting forever. I found some old, crappy radio shows I made a few years back and posted on internet archive.


I’ve put 2 put. I’ll put the others in another day.

Wednesday, 15th March, 2017


Uuerrghh. I woke up late. Backlash of the weekend. As penance, I’m standing on the train. I hate that. Watching someone shovel a cake into her fat head.


I’m finally sitting after Clapham Junction. Just angry. 


Let’s cheer things up a bit

I’m hungry now………. There is a horse running today at Cheltenham called My Mate Mark. I had to, didn’t I?


There’s another lunch done. 2 fresh egg and bacon crusty rolls. Not healthy but incredibly nice. And Ribena obviously! 


Another uninspiring day. If something would just happen. I don’t know what. Anything.


My mate Mark did not win. Gutted. I went and had a couple of pints. It didn’t help.

Thursday, 16th March, 2017


Almost there. I feel so drained now. I’ve achieved nothing, this week, so far. I just need the mindset to get myself reorganised. I haven’t even unpacked my suitcase from the weekend.


The full transparency of daytime. Unable to muster any enthusiasm. Lets just hope the day slips away.  


It’s moving on. I’m going to go to the Riverside club tonight for a little live music. It’s 5 minutes from my house. Tonight, it’s someone called Liza Marshall.

“but they make it very clear, they got no room for ravers.”


I’ve had enough of that. Heading home on the “half effort express”. I’m still planning on popping out tonight. Fatigue has not hit yet. I’m have an interesting wager with a Red at the moment. I’ll see if I can find a way to divulge details without incriminating anyone later. I think, I’ll win is the point. It’ll make up for shoddy efforts at Cheltenham so far.


I’ve managed to get out down the club. I’m currently feeling very young and drinking my Guinness. They are very talented. Don’t talk between songs though.

I would say the average age is about 65. I can smell death. 

Friday, 17th March, 2017


Pads day. I couldn’t stay for the whole gig last night. They were good but it was too depressing. It’s finally Friday, at least. I can’t wait to turn off the alarm.

I’ll leave this here. As I feel the weekend is about to begin………

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