Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #15


Let normal service resume. It’s kinda sunny. Not cold, at least. Let’s stay positive, shall we?! Crack on!

It’s a very different experience, being on the tube, when you are not in the depths of a suicidal, bi-polar, nightmare. Everyone else, now, looks like they are ready to jump in front of a train!


It definitely feels like time to retire the parka until autumn. This means I will have to choose a jacket. Hmm? I’ll go with the Harrington tomorrow and see how it goes. Time for a little lunch and a bit of Brighton research.



And yes…..

Definitely yes!!!!!


Ok. It’s time to get into an appropriate mood. Starting with the ultimate quote for these situations.


Bloody hell! I’ve got a shadow!

Cruise the afternoon. That’s all I can think. It should go quickly. I’ll see if I can get a little album work done tonight to. I have to keep myself motivated on it.


My face is burning. I should have shaved yesterday and I am now regretting it. Lots of goals to achieve tonight. First off, the diesel run. If I can fit it in before dinner. The problem with living with elderly parents, is the time they like to have it. I mean, Jesus! It was at 16.45 yesterday!!

“coz you don’t mind coz you got time on your side,

You’re just waiting for the right time.”

– Paul Weller

Don’t wait too long…..


Empty gestures?! Show us how its done Paul.


Sorted my shit out. Packed, etc..

It’s amazing how much stuff needs charging though.


That’s that then. All sorted. I think today has been quite boring, but too tell you the truth. I’m glad of it. It’s been a hard, hard week. To finally see some light is a blessing for me. When I’m in the depths of the dark days, I sometimes think I’ll never feel OK again. 

Thank god for understanding, and the kindness of heart of others. No one really has any reason to accommodate me but rancid hags and vegan witches have kind hearts.

Up next, Brighton.

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