Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #13

Wednesday, 1st March, 2017


“We want the finest wines available to humanity! We want them here and we want them now!”

That’s what I woke up to this morning. I must have fallen asleep watching The Wanderers. It’s a bit late but I’m awaiting the train. This will be the second train I’ve let go due to no seats. I’m not standing all the way. Fuck that!

I’d like to pretend that everything is just peachy, but it’s not. That bastard inside me is forcing his, diseased, blackened outlook. Twisting every thought, every emotion. 

Affiliation to a world I never wanted. Waiting and hoping that, one day, you’ll remember I was worth it.

” it comes out everyday.”

“Taking the cure, so I can be quiet, whenever I want.”


Weirdness. Perversion. Sadness. Pain. Longing. Hating. Waiting.

Thank god for Monica today.


Forget lunch today. I’ve more important things to do. As I’m working next to Bank tube station, I’ve jumped on central line to Tottenham Court Road. I’m purchasing the last of the supplies for recording the album. Strings, leads, etc…


Oohh. Go on then. Quick one! Liquid happiness. Ok. So, I bought a set of Rotosound strings for all 3 acoustics and the Rimini. Patch leads, xlr lead. Job done. 

Looks like I’ve run out of excuses.


“Anyone got any mandy’s?”


Life is a funny old thing sometimes. It’s all about the swings and roundabouts. One minute, you’re basking in your own glory. Skipping through meadows and kissing pretty girls. The next, you’re bleeding from your fucking eyes and begging for someone to beat you to death with own misery. My life changes like this hourly. I struggle with it a lot. Without it, would I be me? I’ve tried to change it, and so have others tried to change me. With advice, threat or manipulation. The thing is, for all my failings, I have two sons and enough friends, All of which, I love. What’s better, they love me too.

I don’t know why I felt the need for that. I just did.


Well. Here we go. One guitar restrung. Lots of delaying. Finally, tracks are being laid down. Song one, underway.


A good couple of acoustic guitar verse and choruses down and a keyboard chord sequence. I feel good about it.

I think that G minor is a B minor? O well. Time will tell. 


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