Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #12


The task at hand. Hmm. It seems simple enough. A bit of talent and a little imagination. 

I feel quite good about it all still. Keep pen and paper at hand and remember what you see. At least I have a few songs in the bag to re-write. That will get me back in tune.

First though, deal with today’s stupity, I mean, work. Tut. Boring!


I have a little time on train so I think I will remind myself of a few of the tricks to recording stuff. Especially acoustics and vocals. 


Crikey! It’s amazing how much you forget. Then I got distracted by this:

Yes indeed. I’m only human…….Anyway,


What a nightmare. Just had to reroute a cable. Waste of half a day. Not what I was hoping for. Spiralling round the drain. Don’t let it win. Two evenings to relax and push forward with the master plan. It’s fine.


At least I have a lovely box of corona at home plus:

Get in!


The current problem I’m having, apart from this hideous cold,  is waiting for my drives to defrag in my PC. Always keep on top of it people! 

I know. I’ll do some microphone testing.


Nah. Crap.

It’s not crap at all. It’s me. Forcing it. I’ve recorded using it before. It’s more of a podcasty, live record microphone.


What waste of a day so far. I hate it when it all goes pear shaped. Crap on a bike. Ok. Ok. I’ll just have another beer and think about it. Hhmmm.


Fuck it. Something great and beautiful. Dream of tomorrow’s hopeful inspiration.

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