Diary Of Some Sort Of Life #11


The Motorcyle Boy Reigns.

I shouldn’t be allowed to have a phone when I’m like this. Insular, sad, idiot. With access to a world of pain.

Get a grip!

“Spread your love like a fever, and don’t you ever come down. Spread your love like a fever, I AIN’T EVER COMIN’DOWN.” – BRMC

It’s a 38 minute wait until I get coffee. The usual haunt is having a facelift. I’ll have plenty of time to burn at Waterloo though. When you stand here watching everyone, it’s like, everyone but me, knows how the story ends. The plot. Everything. No one looks lost. 

It must just be me.


“Does anyone mind if I leave soon? I just can’t see the point in being here anymore. I feel like I am going see-through. All I want to do is walk right out the door.”


Ok. I must pull myself out of the depths. Positive affirmations. Come on Mark. You can do it! This always helps:

I suppose it’s the constant planning, never doing problem. Unfinished projects. The dreams of Children.

The  Side Of The Moon. You said it D! How right you are.


So. Even though, I am the master of my own destruction, I feel good now. Upbeat. Couple of plans. Workable plans. 


That’s lunch done. Not enjoyable sadly. Feel a bit sick. At least I got my rain. Not feeling it now though. Oh well. Such is life.

Let’s pull a couple of random pictures from phone archives to cheer up the day.

There we go. Ho hum.


Feeling pretty tired now. Standing out work, smoking, in the pouring rain. A motorbike courier pulled up. He had a stereo in his bike. He was playing this:


That’s Monday work out the way. Always the worst. I’ll have my boys this weekend. At least, I have that to look forward too. I thought I’d be proactive, as another way of recovering, by applying for a new job. Same field, but with full time benefits. As great as it is being self employed, it’s a drag sometimes. Fingers crossed(yes! I did just say that!).

I’ve gotta get out of this hole somehow.


I was telling a friend this fact the other day. Any fan of The Jam, will probably already know it.

When the boys were doing the photo shoot for the Album, This Is The Modern World, the photographer, presumed they would look very “mod”. Rick and Bruce just about get away with it wearing their button down collars but Paul had decided to wear a jumper. To make this look more in keeping with the bands expected appearance, the photographer got some gaffer tape and stuck some arrows on it. Look closely.



Ok. So. I’ve come to a decision. I’m gonna do my 17 track album. I’m gonna record it to Brian Wilson precision. And I’m not going to stop until it’s done. Anyone I know, who can help. Be ready. I’m calling in favours.


All previous versions of any song removed. Equipment re-setup. A couple of technical issues to resolve, then  decide what’s first. I know how I want it to be. 

Gripping, huh?

Leta just see how long this lasts first.

First I’m creating a playlist of influence. A set of songs which I will listen to, as the template of the sound I want to make. Production wise, etc…..

I might translate it to spotify when complete. I might not. 

It’s a plan. Better than no plan.

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